Switching Between Formulas- Enfamil to Similac to Generic Etc

Updated on October 17, 2011
M.. asks from Schenectady, NY
11 answers

Did you just buy what was on sale or did you stick with one kind?

Did you find any success in using powder vs ready made stuff?

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answers from Houston on

Similac caused my baby to get super constipated - and that was only on one bottle a day. She had been taking Enfamil every now and then with no problems. When I mentioned it to my best friend, she says her pedi said they're very different and not to switch between, but the generic formula from walmart is the same as enfamil so those are interchangable.

If money was no concern, I think the ready made stuff would be easier, but powder is definitely cheaper.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I was on WIC, so I used what they gave us (Similac). I was also told not to switch formulas, so when I ran out of formula from WIC I would still get Similac.

The ready made stuff is nice to have in the middle of the night or on long car rides, but in the end powder is cheaper.


answers from Chicago on

Ready made is so much more expensive...

Once my kids were about 6mos, I switched to Target brand and never looked back. It was always cheaper.
Straight Enfamil up until that point.



answers from Cleveland on

we were on wic and my daughter was on a special formula 26bucks for a small can of powdered twice as much as regular formula, but she needed it and if we had to buy it we did but normally we didnt need to, in my opinion it isnt worth switching between because there is a little difference in everything



answers from New York on

I wouldn't go with premixed unless you NEED to for some reason -- it's much more expensive.

I personally like the Baby's Only brand. It's completely organic and they use humanely-treated cows for milk (I can't remember the website, but it rated milk and formula products in terms of the conditions in which the cows live and their treatment, and Baby's Only was the only high rated formula brand). I got it at Whole Foods and found it was actually a little cheaper than Enfamil or Similac. You can order it online, too.

If you don't care about organic or humane treatment of cows, I'd personally go with a generic brand, but stick with the same one. There's no nutritional difference between generic and name brand; the only reason to choose a name brand IMO is if the baby won't tolerate a generic.



answers from Raleigh on

It depends on the baby! If you find something that works, stick with it. My daughter did the best with the Target brand. It was a huge budget saver and was great!



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter refused anything but similac ready made. My som was flexible for a few weeks then got picky. What i liked about the ready made was if you wanted an odd number of ounces you just poured it in. It seemed thicker and more filling also. What I hated was having to warm it as it came out of fridge. We are working our way thru powder samples now and I like that there is no warming needed.



answers from Washington DC on

once you find a brand that you like and can afford stick with that one brand. So try a generic first and see if you like it.


answers from Los Angeles on

My guy took Enfamil, when someone gave me a can of Similac it seemed he didn't digest it the same, and our ped had said not to switch for that reason. As he got older i tried the Target version of the Enfamil and it worked fine. I always used powder, ready-made was way too expensive for me to justify the cost.



answers from New York on

I used the powder at home and saved the liquid for when we were on the go. As far as brand, my son's pediatrician said it didn't matter. That they were all the same but the lactation consultant at the hospital had told me to use only enfamil or similac, no other brands. Everyone seemed to have a different answer. I wound up using enfamil because we had the free samples and that's what we stayed with. Good luck!


answers from Richmond on

Ask your pediatrician first... I'm all for generic everything (except Delsym), and my kids doc said that it's not worth it to switch. Their little belles get used to something, and if it's working, don't switch. It's not worth the 'savings' in this instance :/

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