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Updated on April 11, 2010
H.K. asks from Chiefland, FL
15 answers

I am switching to cloth diapers....I am tired of rashes forever on all my babies! Does anyone have a favorite brand. My babies are heavy wetters. Plus I am looking forward to saving some money in the long run. (And lots more work washing out diapers . Lol)
Those Chinese companies that sell them cheaper have lots of good reviews (on ebay) Has anyone ever bought any on Ebay from those over seas companies?????

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answers from Miami on

My favorite brand was fuzzibunz. I even have a bunch of unused ones if you want them. They had a cloth insert with a waterproof and attractive covering that just snaps on. So easy to use!

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answers from Columbus on

If I may make a suggestion....maybe try purchasing one of each. Narrow down your choices to around 4-6 (or more) and purchase one of each brand. There are so many different fits and styles. Once you've used them, you may have a better idea which ones fit your child the best. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I use the Bum Genius 3.0s One Size. I have been happy with them. They are the only ones I have tried so I can't give you a comparison. They come with an extra insert that I put in for overnight. You could always put in 2 extra liners if the one doesn't work out for you. I also like them because they are one size and they fit newborn to toddler (up to 35 lbs i think?) I didn't want to have to invest several different sizes every time my daughter grew out of them. With the one size diapers you would only need those for your babies. Oh and as far as a lot more work, I don't find them being a lot more work. I just wash out the poop in cold water and wash according to the directions with the diapers. I have had them for over a year now and they are still in good shape with no stains.

H. this helps!



answers from Gainesville on

I switched to cloth when my daughter was 4 months old and it was a great decision. We are still using the same diapers at 21 months! Not as much work washing as you think! Just make sure you read up how to wash them properly. I wash every other night. Easy peasy-pop them in the wash for a couple of cycles and then in the dryer! But my daughter is has been potty training since she was 17 months old because she could really feel what was happening. We only use diapers around the house for nap and night!

If you want to go with prefolds and covers I highly recommend using greenmountaindiapers.com. Gold standard of prefolds! We have been using our prefolds for 17 months are they are still like new.

But if I had to do it over again I would probably go with one size pocket/aios. Bigger investment up front but much more convenient. Check out the diaper sites and then look on diaperpin.com for the reviews. I like pinstripesandpolkadots.com. That way you can look at diapers or covers and get an idea what will fit your baby's body type.

I really like BumGenius one size pockets. And Thristies just came out with the Duo diaper. Just two sizes will carry you all the way to potty training! See what you like and buy one diaper of each. That way you don't spend all your stash money on a diaper you might not like. I thought I'd like FuzziBunz and I hate them! They just don't fit my daughter's body type at all.

For heavy wetters invest in some hemp liners to go with whatever you choose to buy. They are very thin but very absorbent.

Also consider cloth wipes. They work amazing and such a money saver!

Get a pail liner and a wet bag for when you are out and about. Both essential items.

Read up on cloth diaper use since there is a learning curve. You will change your baby more often-like every 2 hours as opposed to 3 or so with a disposable.



answers from Cleveland on

You should check out www.diaperswappers.com. It is a great community of cloth diaper using mamas. You can find reviews for all the different diapers. There is also a FSOT section for buying and selling diapers.



answers from Jacksonville on

Bumgenius! By far the best! You can find them the cheapest at cottonbabies.com!


answers from Barnstable on

Love, LOVE our Air Biscuits! My son wears only ONE from 8 am to 8pm, sleeps with us and NO LEAKS. Took us almost a year to design, they are made in the USA by a Stay At Home mom with MAD SKILLS!

You can get 25 (they are AIO OS - All In One and One Size fits all), a diaper sprayer that hooks to your toilet, A giant wetbag for dirty diapers AND a bag of Rockin Green for $450 with free shipping!

I have tried Bumkins (lousy and scratched my son)
Haute Pockets (great, but can't get them anymore)
The ones on EBAY from China (leak after a while and you are not supposed to have microfiber against the baby's skin, which some do!)
and about 5 others.

Air Biscuits!!! Way too cool and work FABULOUS: http://www.mymammasmilk.com/AirBiscuitAIO.html



answers from Tampa on

It's been years since my girls were babies, but I did use cloth diapers. I decided to use disposables on my second one but the only brand I could use that didn't cause her to have a bad rash was Huggies. My advice to you is to get what they call pre-folded diapers. They are sewn so the middle is real thick. Not sure if they even make them any more. But it isn't so much the cloth diaper you use as to how you wash them. Do not let them set for a long time. Have a diaper pail with water and laundry detergent in it and put them in it as soon as they are soiled. Then before washing rinse them out. If you want to bleach them do it at the time you rinse them. Do not use the bleach in the wash. Be careful about what fabric softner you use if your babies bottom is sensitive. You might want to try different brands but I found Downy original to be the best. Good luck.



answers from Boca Raton on

I currently cloth diaper my son and my primary reason for switching was due to rashes as well (despite frequent changes and cleaning/drying out). I use prefold diapers with a cover most of the time. When others are watching my child I use a pocket diaper that I pre-stuff and at night I also use a pocket diaper double-stuffed.

For prefold diapers I have found both the Chinese Diaper Service Quality and the Indian Diaper Service Quality diapers for sale on www.cottonbabies.com to be great. I use Snappi's to fasten the prefold diapers (instead of pins) and a diaper cover. I tried several different brands and found that the Thirsties brand worked the best for my baby. I would recommend trying a fleece liner over the prefold if you continue to have any rash issues - Happy Heiny's is the brand I use (the fleece helps pull the moisture away from the baby's skin).

For pocket diapers I would recommend that you purchase one of each typed you are interested in because each brand fits a little differently. I tried Happy Heiny, Fuzzi Bunz, and Bum Genius. For my baby the Happy Heiny is the absolute best. Fuzzi Bunz does not fit my baby well (I tried several different snap configurations) and as a result I get leaks. The Bum Genius works well also, but the Happy Heiny is my go-to diaper for my son. I purchase a lot of my cloth diaper items (other than prefolds) on www.gogonatural.com and have been very pleased with their customer service. They also have a 'Love it or Leave it' package where you can tryout a variety of cloth diapers for a month and then return the ones you do not like for a large partial refund (I have seen that type of package on other cloth diapering sites as well), so that might be an option for you.

I don't know if you have looked into detergent types, by I love the Nellie's brand. The best price I have found for it is on the www.cottonbabies.com website.

H. this info is helpful and good luck!



answers from Tampa on

I don't know about any overseas brands but we used Fuzzi Bunz pockets with inserts for daytime and Goodmamas organic Bamboo velour fitteds or bamboo prefolds with a wool soaker at night. Not one rash...ever!!
I learned about most of these from other momsand also on Diaper swappers.com where I bought a lot of my wool soakers.
I still have everything and we are finished with them I just haven't had the time to sell them on Diaper swappers.
Let me know if you are interested and I will give you the run down of exactly what I have and we can go from there or if you just have any other questions just ask.
Good luck (it really is pretty fun and you'll feel really good about the health of your baby's tush and the environment as well)!!!



answers from Stationed Overseas on

I just use plain flat cloth diapers with pins or snappis and a plastic pant or wrap for my son. The AIO's and others are very nice but I don't find the addition of snaps or velcro so much more convenient that I need to spend an extra $10-$15 or more per diaper. For $2 a diaper my son is dry and rash free. For night time I just fold 2 together. Use a liner and you're good to go.
Way to go on the switch to cloth! Welcome to the club!



answers from Orlando on


Hi Hopie,

I used Fuzzi Bunz on my son because of all the rashes. Once I switched, the rash cleared up and never came back. The link above (I H. I did it right and it works!) is for a great website. This lady knows everything!! Her diaper help section pretty much answered every question I had.

Good Luck,
M. E.



answers from Boca Raton on

Good for you! Those disposables are awful in so many ways. For boys they lead to testicular cancer, rash like you said, horrible for the environment, etc. I have a dear friend who has cloth diapers on her website: www.kidbean.com she is very helpful so if you're not sure which will be best, you can contact her and she can help you out!



answers from Orlando on

Congrats on your decision to switch! I made the switch a year ago, and I have no regrets. Everyone's needs are a little bit different in terms of your baby's build, how heavy they wet, the type of water you have in your house, etc. I have heard good and bad things about the cheapers companies on Ebay. I do think in some cases, it really does come down to "you get what you pay for". Before committing to any one type, try them all out. You can get some great sampler packages online. My personal favorite place to shop online is MomsMilkBoutique.com . They have some great sampler packages and a great return/trade-in policy. Not to mention some awesome customer service. I have some BumGenius3.0 Onesize Pocket diapers that I am purging from my stash right now to make room for my new favorites diapers - Booroi Covers with Unbleached Indian Prefolds inside. You can PM me if you want to try out a couple of those for cheap. Also, a great message board for CD'ing moms is clothdiapernation.com . They are a super great bunch of mama's on there with a ton of info on how to get started.



answers from Knoxville on

I used cloth diapers for both of my daughters for about the first 6 months. At the time, there was a cloth diaper service in our area. Loved it. They would drop off a weeks worth of clean diapers. At the end of the week I would leave the dirties on the front porch in the diaper pail to trade for clean ones. All I had to do was a quick rinse in the toilet and drop in the provided diaper pail. You may look for a company in your area.

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