Swine Flu Vaccine for Children over 6 Months

Updated on September 18, 2009
M.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I know how hot the vaccine issue is and I just wanted to see, who is getting their child that is over 6 months old vaccinated for the Swine Flu, as suggested by the medical field?


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All 3 of my children (4, 2 1/2, and 6 months) will be getting vaccinated for both the flu and the swine flu.

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I plan to have my 14 month old daughter vaccinated along with my husband and myself.

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I will vaccinate both my kids (3 yrs and 15 months) for flu and swine flu because they both go to daycare/school. If they were at home I would probably not bother.

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Just another view on the swine flu thing...under 1500 have died worldwide from the swine flu..more will die of the regular flu. The regular flu vaccine contains about 2-3 out of the 200 flu viruses out there...so you are not going to be 100% protected and you are not guarenteed that you will not get a flu. 25 Americans have died from the swine flu vaccine...but we don't hear about it (I read about it in my public health stuff).

In Canada, they are going to test the vitamin d3 levels for all that get the swine flu; they will test to see how deficient they are in d3 then give them the appropiate amount needed to boost their immunity. If you are breastfeeding then great, your breastmilk has antivirual and antibacterial properties that protects your baby from being too sick; if not then you can add some probiotics to their formula.

I have a family health column that I write for here is the link http://www.examiner.com/x-7158-Chicago-Family-Health-Exam...

Feel free to go to anything I have written about "swine flu" "probiotics" and "Vitamin D3" all will be helpful on ways you can boost your family's immunity. You can and should ask for your baby's d3 levels to be checked, I explain this thoroughly in my vitamin d3 article. It should become a routine annual test for our kids...it will eventually, they are coming to a more concrete decision in May 2010.

While I understand why people vaccinate, however, I feel the flu vaccine is one that is wasteful; but any vaccine we get is not protective of or a guarentee that we will not get the offending disease or illness.

I hope that helps a bit.
Maternal and Child Health Educator
Chicago Examiner Family Health Expert

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We are not. As I mentioned on a previous post the flu vaccine only has 4 strains in it when there are over 400 different kinds. You are much better off supplementing with vitamin d3 (not d2), probiotics, EFA's and a whole food supplement. And of course hand washing and plenty of water and rest.

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My thoughts are similar to the regular flu virus:

"I always give my son the flu shot because he is in a 'school' setting (he's 2 1/2 and in daycare). I have no idea and no control over what the other kids do when it comes to getting the flu shot, washing their hands, or employing other preventative techniques, and I want to do the best I can to keep my kid from getting what other kids might be bringing to his daycare. Some of the kids look totally dirty like their parents rarely bathe them, some of them have runny noses and cough all over the place without covering their mouths, and although the teachers are very vigilant they cannot control everything that goes on 100% of the time. As a parent, however, I do have a certain amount of control over how I protect my child. I can't prevent everything, but I do know that if the flu gets out of hand the consequences can be bad (children, pregnant women, and the elderly are at the greatest risk). Personally, I'm not willing to take the chance so he gets vaccinated."

I'm also pregnant, so both my son and I will get the vaccine for both flu and H1N1. I'm not willing to take the chance of exposing myself or my defenseless unborn child to the disease. Yes, I also plan on taking traditional universal precautions as well.

Oh and...it's important to note that I work in a building with over 3000 teenagers, a subset of our population not known for their stellar hygiene!

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Here are some recent articles I have seen on getting the swine flu vaccine:


And here's another from a pediatrician:


I'm not going to get it for my son. It really, in my opinion, does not seem any more dangerous than the other flus that go around. Besides, natural exposure provides 100% immunity. Vaccinations do not.

Just my opinion. :)




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Google swine flu vaccine and Squalene and you will change your mind real quickly. I would never give my kids anything that is brand new and not been tested a whole lot. Skip the flu shots and protect then naturally with vit c, good foods, lots of sleep and breastmilk if you are breastfeeding. That's the natural way to immunize your kids against diseases.

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