Swimming Lessons for 3 Year Old Boy

Updated on February 16, 2007
A.G. asks from Greenwood, IN
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I am looking for my son to be in swimming lessons. He will be 3 years old March 1st.
We live on Morse Reserve and also we have a public pool and I want him to learn to be prepared! I would like a cheap rate if any one knows of one. j

Thank you

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answers from Indianapolis on

Here is the info I got in response to a post on one of my yahoo groups:

I had checked into several places, here's what I found:
YMCA - $96 - 8wks/30min - 84 degree pool
Riverview Hospital - $72 - 8wks/1hr - 93 degree pool
Stony Creek Swim Center - $117 - 8wks/30min - 90 degree pool
IUPUI Natatorium - $49 - 4wks/2perwk/ 8sessions - ?temp
(their saturday class is only once per week for 8 weeks and really hard to get into)
Carmel/Clay' s new Monon Aquatic Center still under construction
Indy Parks - didn't have location close to me - sorry.

We did our first set of lessons at the Y and it was just okay. The water was pretty cold. My little guy had purple quivering lips. And the instructor was so so. A lot of your basic "wheels on the bus" songs while splashing our arms. Instructor didn't seem very enthused or baby educated.

Our new lessons at Riverview Hospital are fabulous! The water is like a bath! Never a purple lip. The kids have fun. The instructors are great. Really good with the kids and know what they are doing water-wise. I love this class we will definitely take it again. We had
talked about trying the Swim Center next, but I don't know we love this one too much. (my husband wishes it could be 5 degrees cooler - I think its great.)

Good Luck! :)

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answers from Indianapolis on

Riverview Rehab in Noblesville and Riverview Health Pavillion in Carmel both have swimming classes that you can take with him. It's called Aqua Tots, and you just call to find out what dates and times they are holding the sessions. They are not necessarily swimming lesson, but they teach them about water and holding thier breath and playing with them. They also have Aqua Babes if your interested in gettin your daughter in, they start at 6 months. I have had my son in Aqua Babes in 2 different sessions and we loved it. It's also great because it's indoor (of course) very well heated pool. Here are the numbers if you are interested ###-###-#### or ###-###-####. I have also heard they have lessons at the Hamilton Heights High School Pool, but I have not checked into those yet.

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answers from Indianapolis on

We took our son to the Y in Fishers and he did very well. (We also used the Y for Tball). We arent members of the Y so paid the non-member rate. Our neighbor uses Stony Creek but they are more expensive than the Y but they really like them

Good Luck,



answers from Indianapolis on

We have a summer cottage on the north end of Morse in Cicero! Stony Creek is good for lessons, but they can get pricy. The YMCA also has a good program. Contact your high schools... I'm not sure if Noblesville High or the other ones in the area do this, but Carmel High (we live in Carmel) has lessons (evenings/weekends year round, days during the summer). Have you check at Forest Park? I'm sure the Noblesville Parks & Rec department has swimming classes and they do them at Forest Park.

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