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Updated on February 05, 2009
J.C. asks from Irving, TX
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I am looking for some swimming lessons for my 3 y/o. Someplace near Irving and indoor bc we want to start asap. Group lessons are preferred but private would be considered if reasonable enough rates. Anyone know of any places? Thanks!

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I'm an ISR instructor based in Arlington, TX. I am currently hosting trainings in Grand Prairie at the natatorium in the evenings. I train children ages 6mos to 6yrs old water rescue skills. My son went through this program as a floater so as a mom I can attest to the success of this program. This summer I can't wait to get my son back in the water to teach him the swim-float-swim sequence. See below for more information about what the children will learn.

Some information about the program includes:
Survival Float (ages 6-12 months)
Babies 6 to 12 months old are very active and surprisingly quick! The Rollback-to-Float program introduces the correct floating posture for survival as well as the skills necessary to maneuver into a float. Babies learn quickly from their physical environment. This is how they learn to crawl and walk. But water is an unforgiving environment. For this reason aquatic survival skills for the infant and toddler must be taught by a certified ISR instructor. These skills will be practiced for complete mastery even while fully clothed with diaper and shoes. All lessons are taught one-on-one for no more than 10 minutes daily, Monday-Friday. Approximate class length: 3-4 weeks.

Swim-Float-Swim (ages 13 months to 6 years old)
The Swim-Float-Swim program encompasses the skills necessary for a child to reach the steps, edge of the pool or shore. This includes swimming and floating. This process begins with teaching the child breath control and the skills to turn around in the water to grab the edge. As the child becomes capable of longer swims the rollback-to-float is taught so the child can rest and breathe, and then continue swimming. This sequence can be repeated indefinitely until the child reaches safety. These skills will be practiced for complete mastery even while fully clothed with shoes and diaper for those not toilet trained. All lessons are taught one-on-one for no more than 10 minutes daily, Monday-Friday. Approximate class length: 5-6 weeks.

I really love what I do and am dedicated to preventing babies from drowning by giving them the skills they need to protect themselves in water. If you want more information about the program you can visit my website at www.mybabycanswim.com or the national website at www.infantswim.com. On the national website you can enter in your zip code to find an instructor near you. Hope that helps!



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Hi J.,

The city of Plano has a parks & rec system that offers swim lessons at very affordable prices. Maybe the city of Irving has a similar program. Good luck!



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Check with North Lake College Pool on MacArthur they might have lessons for little ones.



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Hi J.,
I don't teach in Irving but here is my indformation.
A. Weltman

Swim lessons by COACH A. Weltman.

Certifications: I am certified in CPR, First Aid, and lifeguard.

Background: I am the Swim coach at Turner and Ranchview High Schools. I have coached the Farmers Branch Barracudas summer swim team for 6 years. I have taught swim lessons and coached for a total 19 years. I HAVE BEEN A COMPETITIVE SWIMMER FOR MORE THAN 26 YEARS, SUMMER LEAGUES, HIGH SCHOOL, AND MASTERS SWIMMING.

Location: The pool is located at my house, 2704 Van Gogh Place Dallas, TX 75287

Class length: 2 weeks (total of 8 days), Friday being a rain out day. The session will go for 45 minutes with no more than 5-6 kids per class. I will have classes every hour from 10am-5pm. Ages range from 3- and up.

Class sessions:
Session #1 is June 8-19
Session #2 is June 22-July 3
Session #3 is July 6-17

My philosophy: I have a 2 year old son and I know how important it is for children to be safe around the water. Swimming is not just about stroke technique, it is about water safety. I teach children how to survive in the water, learn how to be comfortable in the water and also teach stroke technique. 60% percent of all drownings occur in the summer months; 40% to children under the age of four. There are two peak ages of incidence. One is toddlers (18 to 36 months) due to their exploratory behavior and curiosity, and the other is school-age children (six to 18 years) due to risky behavior.

TO SCHEDULE A SESSION, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT ###-###-#### or you may email me at [email protected]____.com reference please call:
Michele Kidson @ ###-###-####
Ginger Smith @ ###-###-####



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Go to iswimemler.com There new session starts this week.

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