Swimming and Haircare for Fine Long Hair

Updated on June 23, 2010
T.F. asks from Pleasanton, CA
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My Daughter has fine long hair. It gets very dry and the texture gets straw like in the summer from sun and swimming. We just started swimming lessons this week and I put it in braids which helps the tangling. I'm wondering if there are products or tips I can use to help keep her hair in the best condition possible. We do try to rinse off and shampoo as soon as possible afterwards. Thanks!

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answers from Sacramento on

I don't often see them anymore, but can you find an old fashioned swim cap for her. When I was a child, no one seemed to go into a pool without that rubber cap on their head to help keep the chlorine from getting into the hair. It was different when going into the lake or pond, but we were careful of all the pool chemicals.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have blond fine hair and I have used the John Freida Sheer Blonde Swim Formula shampoo for my hair to keep it from turning green. If you wet the hair first and load it up with conditioner the follicles soak up the conditioner and water instead of the pool water so less damage is done to the hair.



answers from Sacramento on

Suave for Kids has a swimming shampoo to get chlorine out.



answers from San Francisco on

I'm with the lady who is the hairstylist. It sounds like you need to protect (with conditioner) your daughter's hair before she gets into the pool and then clean and reconditon it after swimming. Something to think/ask about is sunscreen for hair since sun can be pretty damaging all on it's own. Good luck.



answers from Bakersfield on

My daughter uses Mane & Tail conditioner on her daughters' hair and declares by it. she has beautiful long thick hair.



answers from Indianapolis on

I would talk to a salon person and let them look at her hair.......each person is different.

I have had long hair all my life almost, and sometimes I need shampoo and conditioner with moisture in it, and sometimes I don't. But at her age I'd ask someone who knows hair first.

Pig tails is great for swimming......or braids either one.......

Good Luck and have a great summer.



answers from Sacramento on

The lady that trimmed my girls hair told me just yesterday to use a weekly shampoo to that will strip the chemicals off your kids hair...same stuff that the adults use...she said the chlorine attaches to the hair and builds up which makes the hair harder to comb/brush out when wet.



answers from Seattle on

Use a swimming cap, braid her hair and then wet it with regular water before putting on the cap. Rinse and shampoo afterwords as soon as possible. Condition as necessary. You might also want to get a swim & sun shampoo to use for the summer (use at least weekly).



answers from Sacramento on

I've been using the Johnson's no more tangles shampoo after our daughter's daily swim class, combined with a leave-in detangler spray. So far, so good. She has fine blonde hair and so far it looks and feels great.



answers from Dallas on

I am a liscensed hairstylist and my best tip is to wet her hair before swim lessons and coat in conditioner, then braid. The conditioner will act as somewhat of a shield from the chemicals and sun. The more you shampoo the drier the hair will get so be sure you're not doing that more than once a day too. Also, just use a good conditioner after any shampooing, not just a two-in-one because those usually don't have enough moisture in them. Hope that helps a little!


answers from Philadelphia on

Ultra swin shampoo works pretty well for getting the chlorine out, and the wetting the hair and conditioning before getting in the water really works!

Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

I used to use UltraSwim when I swam a lot in my youth but no longer think they do a good job (feels more like it strips your hair a lot more than I would like).

I'm a big fan of Aveda shampoos for this type of situation, and they have a variety of shampoos for daily use to special treatments. If your daughter is swimming outdoors and not wearing a swim cap (she should regardless), I would also consider a shampoo with a sun care treatment.

You can also buy the Aveda shampoos in the litre size so it's a bit more economical and transfer to small travel-size bottles for post-swimming use. The stores could probably give you a sample. Check it out online at

If you want to try a 'healthier' (chemical-free) organic shampoo, the Neal's Yard Remedies (NYR) are great as well. I also use the everyday seaweed one after swimming. Happy to send you a sample but you can check out the various shampoos at

Good luck!

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