SWIM Goggles for the Shampoo Averse

Updated on January 14, 2014
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Mamas & Papas-

Just thought to pass on this gem. Our DS has been shampoo averse for too long. Before bathing, he would dutifully remind us, only shampoo, no water. Daddy "forgot" a few too many times, and he took to refusing to get bathed by daddy. I had no better luck. With a bit of prepping about how mommy was going to go to the store and buy him "special glasses" to keep the water and suds from his eyes, he bought into the idea.

Can't say I wasn't drenched in the process, but yesterday was the first go with goggles. We had a successful shampoo, and and afterwards, he thanked his special glasses, and he thanked daddy. I didn't receive thanks, but I guess, satisfaction in getting the job done will suffice.

Thought to pass this strategy on for those of you who struggle with a shampoo averse child.
Now for the obligatory question. Do you do anything to make bathtime easier?

Thanks in advance,
F. B.

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So What Happened?

We tried a visor too, one with an air bladder for a customized fit. It leaked around his temples, so back it goes.

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answers from Chicago on

Swim goggles are the only way my son will tolerate his hair washed. He will even take a shower now as long as he can wear his goggles. The funny thing with him is that he will swim under water with his eyes open. Kids!

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answers from Seattle on

Another fun thing, when he is more willing to put his head under, is to buy him a snorkel set. My kiddo still likes to rinse his hair that way sometimes.

For the most part I always tried to matter-of-factly dump water over their heads, so they'd get used to it and wouldn't be afraid of swimming lessons and all, but there were days when they needed something a little more gentle. We used rags over their faces, goggles and the snorkel for fun. My daughter preferred to float back in the water, face up, and I'd rinse her hair carefully while she floated.

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answers from Honolulu on

Good idea.
My son is 7 and is still shampoo hair washing averse.
And he does not like wearing goggles.

Anyway, well it gets done.
He uses a wash cloth to cover his face/eyes. Or he just closes his eyes and I get it done. Though it is not pleasant.

Oh and my son does not like baths either.
So he takes a shower.
Which he prefers.

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answers from New York on

My 7-year-old still has all kinds of sensory issues around water (God forbid shampoo) in his ears or anywhere around his face. We ordered a special shampoo visor from the catalogue One Step Ahead (not sure if they still carry them), which we've been using for years and which has saved everyone's sanity.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I used to use O. of those foam bear shaped mats in the tub for him to lie back on. Never had an issue.

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answers from Norfolk on

When our son was little I only put enough water in the tub so it wasn't very deep and he could lay on his back and not get water in his eyes.
After I soaped him up I'd have him lay back an close his eyes and then I used a plastic mug to pour water over his hair till the soap was all out.
By the time he was 4 he'd dump the water over his own head.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We bought a plastic container that has rubber on the front..http://www.onestepahead.com/Bath-and-Potty/Bath-Accessori...

It has worked great for my kids and no water in the eyes unless they tip their head forward. Just another option...

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