Swelling from Toe Stubbed 3 Wks Ago

Updated on August 03, 2009
M.S. asks from Plano, TX
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My dd stubbed her toe badly 3 wks ago. She says it no longer hurts but it's still puffy. I'm sure it wasn't bad enough that she broke it or anything. I think the fluid from the swelling is still just sort of stuck in there. She doesn't like it. Is there any way to encourage the swelling to go away?

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3 weeks sounds like a long time to still have swelling. I would probably take her to the doctor to have it checked. It may not seem broken, but may be.

I broke my big toe about 8 years ago, and can no longer bend that toe. Most of the time, it doesn't create ANY problems, but if I have a full day of walking (I went on vacation last week and spent 2 full days sightseeing in Chicago), I'll have issues with my foot, knee, and hip if it gets really bad. I must be compensating and not even realizing it. Anyway, I've had it checked since then, and they say it's too late to do anything about it. I really wish I would have taken care of it when it initially happened.

Good luck!

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Have you tried ice or elevating the foot?

I've just had foot surgery and if I don't elevate my foot, it gets red and swollen and puffy on the bottom and on the top of my foot. Try more rest and elevating it. You could also try Epsom's salt and soaking it several times a day.

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What toe? In my experience, it can be a very small fracture. My Dr taped the toes together and that helped.

Being that she is young, I would discourage anti- inflammatory drugs or rubs.

I personally think immobility of the toe is good.

Good luck

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did you check for infection ,3 weeks is to long ago to still inflamed

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