Sweet Clothes for Baby Boys

Updated on May 31, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

any recommendations on what brands/ stores to look at for sweet clothes for baby boys? our one and only is 7 months now. It was easier to find sweet clothes for the 0-3 and 3-6 month age group. Now, it seems that the clothes are for tiny adults, and fall into adult style categories - dress shirts and vests for the preppie set; sweats and jerseys for the athletic set; sass mouth t-shirts for the hipsters.

where can I get simple straightforward onsies and pants that have things like puppies, elephants, grasshoppers, trucks, buildins, spaceships, dinosaurs, trees, cookies etc on them. bright colors, strong graphics, and made to wear well.

Thanks a bunch.

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answers from Chicago on

Carters!!! Children's place and Old navy. I love Kohls but they cater to the girls..I have yet to see an adorable collection for boys...

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answers from Kansas City on

Hannah Andersson
Baby Gap
The Childrens Place
Old Navy
Crazy 8
Janie And Jack

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answers from Sacramento on

Take a look at Kohls. Their Jumping Beans brand tends to have sweet designs and surprisingly great quality at a low price. Our daughter's clothes hold up well to weekly washings without fading.

Other good places to look include Carter's and Gymboree. Those are also good quality and tend to have kid-appropriate designs.

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answers from Denver on

I like baby Gap, Old Navy and Carters. You can still get the sweet little boy styles for 6-12 months in these brands!

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answers from Chicago on

I would suggest Carters. You can find their clothes at Kohls, JC Penney, and Carsons or there are Carters stores located in some strip malls and most outlet malls. Their clothes are sweet, colorful, and well-made. They do not fade or shrink. You can sign up for email coupons online. I also find SOME stuff I like at Gymboree (their styles are hit or miss for me) and their clothes are well made too.

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answers from Madison on

Try Gymboree. It's a bit pricey but you can watch for their Gymbucks deals and sales. They have very cute stuff.

EDIT: I agree that it's a hit or miss with Gymboree. Their selection changes often, and they sometimes have cute "collection"s...



answers from Pittsburgh on

Carter's! Is there an outlet near you?



answers from Iowa City on

don't forget osh kosh b'gosh!


answers from San Francisco on

Gymboree, expensive but excellent quality (hit the clearance rack!)


answers from Raleigh on

Carter's, Gymboree, and Crazy 8. Crazy 8 has stuff that is cutesy like that until they are 5!



answers from Chicago on

My dd wears almost exclusively Gymboree because of how cute the clothes are! Even my hubby loves that so much mixes and matches within the lines. Just recently my DH was looking at the boy stuff and wishing for a lil boy to dress because it was adorable....a sea creature line that had adorable lil octopuses on them. They always have great sales (this past weekend everything in the store was $12.99 or less and you could use a 20% off coupon found in parenting early years magazine) so it IS affordable if you really like it.


answers from Los Angeles on

Children's Place or Gymboree?



answers from Charleston on

Carter's, Kohl's Jumping Bean line, Gymboree. Other than that, check your local children's specialty shops for cute jon jons with appliques or smocking. Also look on ebay! I bought my son a lot of his smocked jon jons from there. I have a 4 year old, and still want him to look sweet, but it is SO hard with exactly what you said - prepster, business man, or biker dude designs! Cherish the first few years while you can. :)

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