Sweet 16 Party

Updated on September 11, 2011
S.S. asks from Atlanta, GA
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Help Please! My daughter's sweet 16 party is coming up and she is more stressed then i am. We agreed it would be at night, there will be dancing, a caricature artist, glow everything, ect. I have no idea how to find a DJ or what theme to do exactly, but my daughter's dress is blue. Please help?

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answers from Atlanta on

Pick up a free copy of Atlanta Parent magazine. There are usually tons of teen and kid friendly DJs advertising! Google it as well. Find out if anyone you know who is Jewish had a great DJ for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party. Sounds like you have enough of a theme with all the glow stuff! Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

As far as the DJ just google DJs in Atlanta and you'll find plenty!! Most wedding DJ's do parties too. Also, sometimes radio stations do parties as well, but that might be more expensive b/c they're "famous", but probably worth checking into if she has a fav station.

As far as a theme, you can do just about anything you want! You could do beach (even if it's fall or winter, why not!), under the sea (kinda goes with blue dress), winter wonderland, night club, disco, etc. Think prom.... but not quite. ;)



answers from Los Angeles on

Is it inside?
Also, little white lights strung around (Christmas tree type lights)
Hurricane lamps w/candles (up high & only if they can't be tipped over)f
Blue & white helium ballons throughout the house
Silver stars handing down from ceiling on fishing wire
Little pool w/floating candles
Little waterfalls/fountains throughout the yard

Blue Ice (dress color & white lights)
Blue party (everything in shades of blue)
Starry night

If outside, tiki torches, those solar garden lights everywhere



answers from Savannah on

Ask around in your area for recommendations for the DJ. For the theme, ask your daughter what she would like. Maybe the Glow thing is the theme, and then you just do basic colors to decorate. Oh, and I don't think the dress has to match, unless your daughter wants it to.



answers from Phoenix on

Where are you throwing the party? Home? A hall of some sort?



answers from New York on

I would ask around about a DJ before you book someone unknown. Do you
have any friends who had kids get married recently. They may be able to
help you find one.


answers from San Antonio on

google "Sweet 16 party ideas."

I like going with the 'everything's a-glow' type of theme with neon glow-sticks and bracelets I assume? Perhaps you could use a few black-lights too? I think your daugthers dress being blue could still go with your 'glow' theme, esp if it glows under a blacklight.

have fun!


answers from Dallas on


We never had a specific theme with our parties. We've thrown several DJ parties from the most elaborate at the country club with the room like a dance club to our back yard for halloween and a costume contest.

If your school has dances, they would know a place to get a DJ that plays the "clean" versions of the songs. Also, are you a member of a country club? Our club has references for DJ's and bands because they are often the place for a wedding reception and lots of DJ parties.

Around here, you can get a decent DJ for about $500 for 3 hours and you can spend a lot more for a "name" that kids may know from the radio or something.

We always have our parties with "no gifts please" and then the DJ has contests where we gave out prizes of I-Tune gift cards, and IPod. This was a few yrs ago.

I like your glow idea... Oriental trading has a lot of glow items, check them out. This is the time of year they offer free shipping on a lot of things.

Do you have your venue? Are you in charge of all decorations? Then decorate in the blue theme.

Are you having food? we did a buffet with chicken fingers, pasta and baby pizzas and then had a make your own ice cream sundae bar.

One thing we ALWAYS do is hire an off duty police officer. THis just helps keep the good kids good and anyone not invited or not so good away from the venue. Our rule of thumb is ......IF you levae the party for ANY reason, you do not come back inside the party venue" This just keeps kids fromn going to cars, possibly getting into things they don't need to get into and bring them back inside.

Don't stress ad Have fun!!



answers from New York on

My daughter had hers in June. She didn't have a "theme." We used a DJ that a friend of hers had at her Sweet 16. If your scool district uses a DJ for school dances/parties, they might also be a good choice. Call the venue and ask what DJ's are often hired for parties there. Good luck

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