Sushi/Sashimi Grade Fish - Where Can I Find a Good Selection Locally?

Updated on September 16, 2007
K. asks from Addison, TX
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I make a lot of sushi at home, and I usually buy my sashimi grade fish online from Catalina Offshore Products. However, I'd like to find a local source so that I can make sushi without having to do so much advance planning. I saw the thread on Asian markets, and I've visited a few, but I'd like to get a specific recommendation from someone who regularly buys sushi/sashimi grade fish at a local market. Frozen fish is fine; I just want to be able to find good quality fish.

I'm located in Addison and I work near DFW, and I'd prefer a market close to either of those locations. However, if someone in another area has a recommendation, please let me know. I'm willing to drive.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your input! The great news is that you all have pointed me to at least one great source for sushi/sashimi grade fish. The good news is that I've found a several great markets that didn't have what I was looking for, but have other great stuff. I've found a few new places to spend money!

For sushi/sashimi grade fish, the only place that I've found that had exactly what I wanted was Seabose in Carrollton, on the SW corner of Trinity Mills and Marsh. It's a very small Japanese market that also serves very reasonably priced sushi to-go (there is no seating). There, they had sushi grade tako (octopus), squid, yellowtail, tuna, tobiko, and some other stuff. Plus, there was small case of fish for cooking, and a freezer with unagi and some shumai. I brought a pile of stuff home for dinner last night, and was completely satisfied with the quality and the prices.

Even though they didn't have the fish that I wanted, I was very impressed with TNL Superfoods in Irving, at Rochelle and Belt Line. This is a large international grocery store, with a large selection of fresh and frozen seafood. The aisles are arranged by ethnicity, with aisles of Vietnamese food, Japanese food, Indian food, Korean food, Peruvian food, Chinese food and others that I'm forgetting at the moment. I bought a huge basket of stuff - frozen bao, soba noodles, tapioca, frozen squid, frozen octopus, etc. I will definitely be going back there again.

I also went to the Vietnamese grocery on the southeast corner of Beltline and Josey in Carrollton. It was pretty good and I stocked up on some basics there.

I still need to visit Kazy's (on Markville, south of 635 between Greenville and Abrams), Asia World Market (75 and Legacy), and the other places that were mentioned. But I have the basics that I was looking for covered.

Thank you all!

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My mom was from Japan and we always got our supply from the "Korean" Markets off of Walnut road in Garland. There are several markets to choose from but my personal favorite is a market behind a 7-11 a little ways down form Plano road and Walnut called Korea Mart. It's kind of tucked away from the main road beside a Korean dentist office. It was handed down to me from my mom. There might be some other markets closer to you. You might check the web and see.
Hope this helps,



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I use to get fish for sushi from Central Market. Usually they have very knowledgeable people there, and if you tell them it is for sushi they will only sell you something fresh enough to eat raw. I have bought some great fish there. I bought eel from a Japanese market downtown- but their raw fish didn't look very fresh!!



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My mom is Japanese and we were told about Kazi's off of 635 and Abrams...not one of the locations you preferred though. I was told that they are the fish supplier for the local restaurants. They do carry fresh and frozen fish. Good Luck!



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My sister and her husband buy it at Captain Daves on Alma and Plano Parkway in Plano. I have had it several times and it was wonderful.

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