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Updated on June 02, 2009
B.W. asks from Saint Helens, OR
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Hello ladies. Just wondering if anyone has used Survey Scout to make an additional income by filling out surveys??? I love just sitting on the computer, so this seems too good to be true to make money filling out surveys. If any of you have used this I would love any information on it before I sign up. Thanks.

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answers from Washington DC on

I've tried quit a few. A lot of the times I don't meet the criteria. And if I do, they are only a few cents, a lot of the time not even a dollar and you have to wait to cash in until you hit like $50 I think.

However, I noticed you said you have young children. I also have a young child, just learning to crawl actually. I was in the market for safer products that I use everyday and a friend contacted me about this company and business opportunity if wanted. You can either become a customer or "business owner".

Have you ever heard of Melaleuca? It's a Wellness Company. They manufacture wellness and environmentally sensitive products for the home and for personal care.

I'm trying to tell as many people as possible about these products and I think everyone should have them in their home.

ALTHOUGH...there is a start up fee...this month it is only $14.50 compared to $29 normally.

If you are interested, I would love for you to contact me to view a presentation and hear more about them. The presentation is about 40 minutes long. They will tell you everything and anything you need to know about the company and how it operates. It is so informational. I learn more and more every time I watch it.

There are presentations everyday, so whatever time and day works best for your schedule, we can accommodate.

Best of Luck to You and Yours,

[email protected]


answers from Washington DC on

I tried Survey Scout before I started my home business. I did everything they said do for 2-3 hours a day for a month. I would get emails about new surveys and I would click the link the instant it was sent and I would get the message 'sorry survey has been closed'. I never made any money. Well, I take that back, I made the initial $10 you get for signing up and for a few other surveys but they never actually paid me because you have to earn a certain amount before they will cut you a check.

You may have a better chance, I just didn't want to leave my family's financial future up to chance.

They did keep their word and refunded me my $34.95.

I pray that you'll be blessed as I was to find a way to be able to make an additional income from home on the computer.



answers from Charleston on


Have you heard of Scentsy "the Authentic Wickless Candles"? It's a safe alternative than candles. Scentsy is a decorative warmer that use a 25 watt bulb to melt the wax. It's not hot to the touch and you can leave them on all day and not worry about something burning. The company has been around for 3 years and is growing daily! Just to give you and idea of how fast we are growing, is we had 632 consultants sign up in January. Majority of our consultants is on the West Coast. In Maryland we have 12 consultants and Delaware 1. The products sell themselve and nothing is over $25. If your interested in becoming part of this great team please check my website out at
and contact me at ###-###-#### or [email protected]!!!





answers from Washington DC on

I've never tried anything like that. I myself would like an online p/t thing to earn extra money but in reading the various things they all seem to not be legit. I am a single mother of a 4yo and I'm trying to put away some money so that I can have a more flexible schedule when she starts school but I have no clue how to do it since my full-time job takes most of my day and an actual part time job isn't the answer I need something I can do at home.

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