Surprise Pregnancy and Miscarriage - TMI Warning

Updated on September 29, 2010
A.B. asks from Ashland, VA
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I am wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience as I am now having. And if so - what was the outcome.

About four weeks ago I had a normal period. about a week after it was done I started bleeding again. My husband and I only had sex once during the break between that time and it was right at the end of my period. I have now been bleeding lightly with mild cramps for 9 days. After a bizarre dream I decided to take a pregnancy test this morning, which was positive. I went right to the doc who did blood tests and an ultrasound which confirmed pregnancy hormones but can't confirm the pregnancy itself. I am to go back in 2 days to recheck the hormone levels.

I have been through this before (2 young kids which I had trouble getting/stayong pregnant with) so I am aware of the procedures. However, I am shocked that I could possibly be pregnant with this much bleeding. I really assumed I was having some kind of irregular period.

Now I can't decide if I am in shock because we really aren't ready for a third child and are going to have one. Or if I am mourning the loss of a child. I can't stand finding out something like this at the same time as finding out it might not last.

Has anyone had bleeding at the early onset of pregnancy? Any thoughts on how possible it is to maintain a normal pregnancy with early bleeding?

I know I will find out for sure in a few days but that seems like ages right now!

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answers from Gainesville on

You can have bleeding for a lot or reasons early on in pregnancy. Some benign others not. I had bleeding in my first pregnancy due to a subchorionic hemorrhage. Again, this is something that can resolve itself and not be a problem or it can cause miscarriage. It can also cause bleeding throughout the entire pregnancy. I was lucky that mine resolved fairly quickly.

It's good that you went right in and the doc can monitor you closely.

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answers from Washington DC on

My last 2 pregnancies were like this. The first one I had spotting,thought it was the start of a cycle, then it stopped. eventually took a test that came out positive. continued spotting. dr. called for an ultrasound. saw the heartbeat, but the dates didn't add up. so they told me up front that it was probably not viable. it didn't stop me from hoping. it didn't hurt any less when it turned out they were right at 11w.

My last pregnancy was 4m after my miscarriage. It started out where I was a week late so on a whim I took a test. Positive result. Started spotting again. Went to the dr. scared. they did an ultrasound. saw the heartbeat and the date DID match up. The kept monitoring me every 2 weeks until after the first trimester. I did have some more spotting, but was able to deliver a healthy, spunky baby girl.

While I hate that I had a miscarraige, and think often about that child, that pregnancy however brief taught me that I did want another child. If that pregnancy had stayed, I wouldn't have my little girl. I would've had a baby, but she wouldn't have been quite the same. That's what I cling to.

Wishing you the best. Hugs.

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answers from Phoenix on

That is nerve wracking to say the least. I'm sorry you're going through this. When I had a weird pregnancy that didn't seem right and I was thinking I was going to miscarry, my doctor said that she always stays optomistic and positive until she knows for sure. I'd celebrate a pregnancy. Enjoy each child for as long as you have them, even if it is only for a short time. I'm praying for you!! HUGS and congratulations!!!

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answers from Cumberland on

Just know that 1000's of people are hoping for a happy outcome for you-nature is so strange and never 100% across the board. Stay as calm as you can during this uncertain, and surely difficult time-and see what happens. I had bleeding during two pregnancies -and the thought was maybe the loss of a twin-who knows?
Take care.



answers from Richmond on

I've had both. I had heavy bleeding and thought I was miscarrying early on in my PG but the heartbeat was fine, etc. Unfortunately, I ended up going into preterm labor and losing my daughter @ 23 weeks. With my 2nd pregnancy, I had bleeding, not quite as heavy but it lasted longer. I now have a beautiful 2 year old son. I know that probably doesn't help but you can hold onto hope!



answers from New York on

When I was in your situation, I did end up having a m/c, however EVERYBODY told me that they know someone who had a lot of bleeding and went on to have a successful pregnancy.

At this point, it's too early to tell.

Good luck with whatever outcome you get.



answers from Washington DC on

I had bleeding for 12 weeks- pretty significant! It turned out I had low hormone levels, so they gave me Prometrium, which is a progesterone pill. I had to take it for 14 weeks, until the baby made it's own levels of everything that it needed.
I went full term, 40 weeks and had a big 8.5lb girl.
I wouldn't wait if you can help it, each of the days on the prometrium helped the baby- and if you are worried, a good doc will find time for you.
We had to do the same thing, check levels each time- and did a mini sonogram each time to check for a heart beat, etc... It is nerve wracking and I am sorry you are going through it.



answers from Washington DC on

I had something similar happen, but the pregnancy hormones were really low. I started taking progesterone. When we finally had an u/s at 6 weeks, it showed a blighted ovum (two actually), which is an egg with no fetal pole inside. I ended up having a D&C and got successfully pregnant about a month later. Emotionally, for me, it was not so bad because it was a weird pregnancy from the beginning with the hormone levels being all wonky. I never got my hopes up about it. Good luck!

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