Surgery for Undescended Testicle in a 10 Year Old

Updated on December 28, 2010
M.S. asks from Newtown, PA
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Hi Ladies, I took my son for his annual physical and was told to go see a urologist because the doctor could not find his testicle. The specialist told us he needs surgery to correct the undescended testicle. I have a few questions: Has anyone else had this diagnosed so late - my son is 10. How was the surgery and the recovery? Also, was the testicle functional after surgery...any signs of cancer?
I have heard of undescended testicles primarily in newborns not in 10 year old boys.
I am starting to feel angry with the doctor that has seen him since birth, why didn't he find this sooner? We go to a group practice and I always scheduled my appointmens with one particular doctor until this past Spring when I started going to another doctor in the same practice. He is the one that discovered the problem with the testicle.
I am really worried.

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So What Happened?

Surgery was on November 3 - all went well although he did throw up a lot from the anesthesia afterward (it seemed that when he drank water from a straw after surgery he was ok but when he drank without the straw he would throw up - I think he was taking in too much water too quickly?!?)
Recovery took about a day or two mostly due to the anesthesia and not so much the pain.
We did the follow up appointment with the doctor on December 13. The incisions are healing great, there was no sign of cancer (THANK YOU GOD) however, the doctor could not confirm that the testicle would function properly in the future.

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My son was 5 when he had his surgery, did you ever noticed that your son only had one?, sometimes they can have them then they can retract up inside the body and get stuck.
the case with my son was that the tube turned on itself and cut off the blood supply and the testicle died, they removed that then tacked the other in place so that the same thing could not happen, his testicle is normal and healthy, and a little larger, apparently when you remove one, the other will compensate,
it is really unusual to have it diagnosed so late - usually you will notice during diapering that there is only one, which is why I was asking if you noticed or not.

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Good Morning,
My son went through this at age of 2, so im not sure how it would be at ten, but i can tell you that the recovery was not bad,,.. he was put to sleep and when he awoke, hi was numb from the waist down, and it went away in about seven hours, the scar was very minimal and it didnt really bother him, Hope all goes well.

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My son had this and had the surgery at Children's National Medical Center in DC. It was hard for me, because he was just 2 and I had a newborn at home...but he was totally fine. Maybe because he was so young it went so easily for him...but he had the surgery on a Monday and by Wednesday was back to 100% normal activity. He was pretty good by Tuesday also. I have not heard of it taking this long to find, so I tihnk you're right to be upset!! But my son is now 5 and has no problems at all.

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My nephew had this done, I believe, when he was around 7 or 8?

It would have been better to have it done when he was younger cause of less activities.

At 10 he'll have to watch his physcial activities, etc so that there's no issue with scaring, etc. Also, in waiting that long there is a significant increase that there will be something wrong with that testicle when they try and pull it down.

My nephew's surgery went well and as far as I know, is fully functional (and 20 yrs old). My ex on the other hand had his done when he was little (like 2) and it never fully recovered and when he was 27 had to have it removed.

I am sending good thoughts your way.

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Hi, M.:
It is not cancer.
It is an opening where the vessels feed the lower part of the body.
The testicle didn't drop down into the sac. He may only have one testicle.
That is a possibility.
The surgery is to retrieve the testicle and make a stitch to cause the opening to be smaller where the vessels pass through.

It is scary for a mother to go through this as well as the child.
Ask alot of questions.
Good luck. D.

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my 10 yr old son is having surgery next month for this. Did your son already have surgery? I have to tell you, I am disappointed with our pediatrician as well. For 10 years, they have been checking him...what's up with that? In fact, our pediatrican didn't even find this, a urologist we went to for another issue found it. Let me know how the surgery went...L. G.



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My son is also 10 and we were just told that he had undescended testicles. I to had a physical for my every year and my only just now could not find his testicles. I am upset and scared. Everything I read says that he should have had surgery much earlier. How did everything go for you and your son? How long was his recovery?



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My brother had this surgery when he was about 5 or 6. I just remember that he had to rest for a bit. He is in his 30's now and has not had any complications.



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My husband had that surgery as a child, but I'm not sure how old he was. I can tell you, though, that at 43 years old functionality and health have not been issues for him. We also have 3 boys who have not had the same problem.
I can understand your anger, docs usually check boys testicles at every well child check.
Hope all goes well.

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