Updated on March 09, 2010
Y.S. asks from Knightsen, CA
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I recently viewed a new mommy giving her 2 month old baby suppository. Apparently the baby has had trouble since birth with digestion and has trouble with passing a bowel movement. She explained to me that the suppository simulates the bowel which inturn allows this small hard white piece to come thru. Once the hard white piece or pieces come thru the normall baby poo then passes thru. Actually it shoots out, maybe from the pressure of being backed up. The white substance looks like it might be calcium may be from the Mommies brestmilk. I'm just not sure that it's good for the baby to have a suppository for every bowel movement. Her doctor did tell her to go ahead with what she is doing until the baby was old enough for fruit juice that will help keep things loose.

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Nope--no water for infants! Only with formula. Suppositories are usually made of glycerin. That's the white thing you are seeing. I used suppositories for my son's constipation, as a very last ditch effort. We don't know the story of THIS particular baby and mother. Sounds like she is acting on advice of her pediatrician. Not sure if you had a specific question....

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I don't like how doctors here tell mom's to give babies and small children suppository's , as a one off as a last ditched attempt maybe but not for every bowel movement. Yes baby is too young for juice but baby can have cooled boiled water to drink before each feed , over the course of the day baby will have around 3oz , this helps to keep constipation at bay.

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answers from Dallas on

she can give to the baby a little water maybe an ounce
suppository are not good for the baby because it create dependency and when the baby get older will still need the supprsitory to have bowel movement ,she can find a herbalife consultant and give just a tbsp of herbal aloe in the milk it help my little gir when she was about 1 month old to have bm

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answers from Portland on

If she's getting medical advice, I wouldn't be inclined to advise her otherwise. Constipation in young children can turn into a much more severe condition called encopresis, which requires more medical intervention. As the baby gets older, she will be able to incorporate more foods and liquids that will make the consitpation less troublesome. But for now, I would only encourage her to keep in touch with the pediatrician about the problem.

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answers from Yuba City on

Having dealt with babies with constipation myself I understand what this mother is going through. It is not an easy thing, but the glycerin suppositories do help. Sometimes little ones just can't pass it on their own. Have compassion for her, hopefully it will just be a phase and baby will be going on their own soon.



answers from Redding on

Dear Y.,
I also used glycerine suppositories for my daughter when she was a baby under the advice of her pediatrician. Fortunately I only had to use them a few times. The white part you saw may have been the suppository itself coming back out as they begin to melt very quickly inside a warm little tushy and get very slippery. My pediatrician was wonderful and tended to take holistic approaches whenever possible. He didn't hesitate for a second to recommend the suppositories and I'm so glad I followed his advice. A constipated baby is a miserable baby and can lead to other complications.
I think suppositories are very helpful in that they aren't something that has to be ingested or digested...they work from the other end. Every baby is different and like I said, I only had to use them a few times, but if she is doing what her doctor has recommended, I think she's doing the right thing.



answers from San Francisco on

There is a product called oxy-cleanse which oxygenates the colon, is very good for the body, and very effective. you could just put a little on your finger and let the baby suck it off. a little goes a long way!

good luck!
A. m

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