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Updated on May 16, 2007
G.M. asks from Ontario, CA
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I am putting another request in hopes that I get a response to my previous question. I am looking for a support group for parents with children whom have ADHD. Someone to talk to and get some advice on our questions when it comes to handling our child that is 8 yrs old. I went to his doctor but all she said that you just have to be patience and have a routine. All that is nice but what happens when he acts out and we can to talk to him then. Sometimes he just gets this oneway aspect when we tell him something and when we tell him go to his room, he starts to get a tamtrum. This is not good for our 2 yr, I don't want her to think that it is ok do that (granted that she is only two but still). I would be great to find some or someones whom I can talk to and feel comfortable in discussing my feelings and how helpless I feel in some situations. At times it does put a strain on my husband and I because we see two different ways in handling our children. I know that is normal but it can be so frustrating when I feel as though I have no solutions to some of our problems handling our child. Plus I want to know more about dieting for him. LIke what can he eat and not eat or how much of this and that. Is there a place I can look that up or what? Please give me some advise!!!! I hope this request does get some response. Thank you ladies for just reading this.

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Hi G.,

There's a really good site to find groups for support in your situation with a child with ADHD, it's called Meetup.com.
You should be able to find some support there or call the the Riverside County Office of Education, they may also have some places where you can get support and you may want to contact the city of Riverside itself. I hope you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

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I understand what you are going through. My husband has a special needs child. However, he has multiple issues. Not just ADHD. What i can tell you worked for us is Cut out the Sugar. It makes ADHD kids worse. At least at our house it did. So if you have to give soda do the diet. Also watch his Carb intake. Soda's have carbs. If you do that it should help with the hyper part of ADHD. As for the fits he does. Don't react. He can have his attitude in his room but the more you react the worse it is. He can have his fit in his room. You or your husband pick up the 2 year old and take that child in the other room. That way the toddler does not see what is going on. Once he is calm then try and talk with him.

Hope it helps


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If your doctor won't let you know of any support groups -- contact your local school district, as most school districts have groups for special needs or may be able to refer you to a group.

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