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Updated on March 13, 2008
A.H. asks from Oldsmar, FL
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Hello, My name is Angela and my 23 year old son just left for Iraq and
i would like to start a support group of other parents that have
shildren that are over in Iraq or are getting ready to go, I really dont Know
how I feel at this point the only words I can think of is whole in my
heart. This was his choice to go and I am proud of him but it doesnt
ease the pain at all so any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks, Angela

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I could only imagine how you must be feeling right now. I am sure you are a strong woman who will get through this time and I will pray for your son's safe return from Iraq. I would suggest you check into local support groups via the internet. I belong to a mom's group through a website: You can search to see if there is an exisisting group or you can create your own that others will follow. Also, on they have "groups" where you might also find a specific group that might fit your needs. Best wishes to you and your family. I will keep you and your son in my thoughts and prayers.

S., Mom of a 2 year old son....



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Good Morning A.,

I just read your story and although my son is in college 2500 miles away, I understand that hole in our heart.

I pray that God will return him home safely to you and that you will continue to 'just breathe' and keep focused on your life with your grand children. Pray, pray and pray for his safety and safe return!

I am sure their are webstites already set up that deal with mothers who have had their children go off to Irag. Just google it and hopefully you can join them.

Be strong and lift your positive attitude up to the universe!




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Hi Angela,

I truly feel for you. My son will soon be leaving the early part of April for a 7-9 months tour (his 2nd). He'll be leaving behind a wife and two small children. Altho' he is based in Camp Pendleton, CA and I am in Florida, I still miss him terribly and will miss him even more when he goes, especially not knowing if he will come back or not. It's difficult even to face the possibilities but we have to. I cry alot and thank God I have a very understanding and supportive husband. As mothers of grown children in the military, we know that they need and want our support, even if we ourselves don't support the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. My son is a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines and of course, he is looking forward to going over there with his tank plattoon and using all the skills he trained for. I'm very proud of him as I'm sure you are of your son. It still doesn't help that we are scared that they will be in combat and may get hurt or killed. To tell you the truth, I am petrified and the closer it gets to his leave date, the more depressed I get.

A support group may help (or not), but it wouldn't hurt to try to see if we can get something going. Or maybe there is a support group already in place. Where do you live? Have you had any other replies to your mail?

P. in Tampa



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Dear A.,

I want to thank your son for serving our country and keeping us all safe. He is courageous, self-sacrificing and strong to make such a decision at such a young age. You must be so proud. May God bless and keep him during his time and Iraq and grant you peace and serenity until he comes home.

Thank you

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