Sunscreen for the Eyes?

Updated on May 17, 2010
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

My son (who's 3) has EXTREMELY sensitive skin.. I think I've tried everything on the market... For his face I use Vanicream from his dermatologist. I need something for his eyelids and right underneath his eyes that won't irritate his eyes... Does anyone have any suggestions for what they use on the "eyelids and right under the eyes"? Thanks in advance :0)

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much moms.. I will definitely try the SPF chapstick.. He normally wears sunglasses but in the water he doesn't like to.

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answers from Seattle on

Sunglasses should protect that area and will also protect his retina from sun damage. Wearing a hat is helpful too.
Good luck.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi Kristy,
My oldest daughter is the same way! She discovered (while she was a lifeguard at our local pool) that using a lip protector (we use Mary Kay, but there are many brands out there) on her eyelids and underneath really helped! The ones she tried all had SPF 15 and they STAYED PUT... didn't run into the eyes! Hope this helps... I know how annoying it can be!

Edited to add: She wears serious corrective lenses in her glasses and they are transitions, so work like sunglasses (I forgot about that aspect) :)

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answers from Columbia on

Hi Kristy.
I work with kids with lots of vision issues. I know you mentioned your son having sensitive skin and it is great that you are thinking about protecting ALL of his skin. Please remember that a lot of people with sensitive skin or low levels of melanin in their skin also have sensitive eyes. Even if you choose to use a product on his eyelids, it might be good to consider some sunglasses to protect his actual eyes.
Good luck! :)

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answers from Albuquerque on

What about getting him some sunglasses?



answers from Honolulu on


anything topical on the eye area... will irritate it. AND a kid will rub their eyes... for any reason, thereby getting the cream into their eyes.

Or have him wear a wide brimmed hat when outside.



answers from Tampa on

You need the stick - I think it is coppertone? It is pink. Anyway - it is like vaceline and does not get in their eyes at all!!! I use it for my boys face and hands and the neutragena (sp) spray for their body.



answers from San Francisco on

I agree with SkinCareMom - there are so many lip glosses out there that boast SPF15 or whatever sunscreen to protect the lips. It is definitely worth a try. Other wise, sunglasses are the only way to go.



answers from Boston on

I think Banana Boat makes a tear free sunscreen, I had to get this for my daughter because she would rub any other sunscreen into her eyes and they would get all puffy. She also won't keep a hat or sunglasses on at all, but she's only 2.



answers from Baton Rouge on

i love the walmart brand -equate- spray sunscreen... i can spray it directly on my face- and my kids and there are no tears!



answers from Tampa on

It may well be that he is not having enough tissue calcium. It does not mean you aren't getting him enough calcium, but that it isn't getting into his tissue.
The product I like the best is Standard Process Cataplex F, and you can google the company for a local source.
best, k



answers from Miami on

I'm not sure, but my suggestion would be a facial moisturizer marketed at women. I have a tube of sunscreen and a tube of tinted moisturizer both from Mary Kay, and both intended to go on my face. Maybe take a look in the makeup aisle. I also have a sunscreen stick that I use on the kids made by banana boat. It says it's safe to use on the face, but I'm not sure about the eyes. I put sunglasses on my kids.



answers from Denver on

Will sun glasses help provide protection for that area? Not sure how old your son is.

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