Sunscreen for Sensitive Face (4Yr Old Got Rash from Johnsons Baby Sunscreen!)

Updated on July 08, 2011
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I used johnsons baby face and body lotion on my year old daughters face and she got a red dry bumpy rash from it, it felt hot to the touch even! Any suggestions of what to use on her face that will be waterproof for the pool and not drip into her eyes and sting?

I liked that the johnsons baby lotion was rated only a "2" on that sunscreen safety website, I am a little anal about what I put on their skin.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We also use California Baby or Blue Lizard Sensitive. Both are well-rated on the EWG site. Have never had a problem w/ either.

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answers from Detroit on

Arbonne's ABC baby sunscreen. All of Arbonne's products are safe no mineral oil, animal products or by products, perfumes or dyes. Great for sensative skin (even adults) eczema, psoriasis and more. Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic, no added fillers, or sugar. The baby sunscreen is awesome. I am sending you a PM with my web site info. If you would like to try a sample it will last several days.

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answers from Cleveland on

my daughter reacts to AVEoBENZONE in sunscreens,

aveeno, neutragena, other brands that are supposed to be gentle etc doesn't matter the brand for her its' the aveobenezone in it or how ever you spell it.

I have to look for the kind that has Titanium dioxide-it makes me think of the old fashioned lifeguards that had the white thick cream on thier noses. It is super hard to rub in but she doesn't get a rash when she uses it.

I have found titanium dioxide in brandname sunscreens that you can find in the grocery store or on the shelf at the pharmacy, you just hve to look, try Neutragena pure and free baby.

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answers from Chicago on

My 2 yr old has VERY sensitive skin, and we use California Baby No Fragrance. It's water resistant, hypoallergenic, and works great! Plus, it's a "1" on the EWG rating.

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answers from Austin on

We use coppertone waterbabies pure & simple. It's got a three on your safety website, but it's the one we found that didn't give our daughter the same problem you are describing for your daughter.

You might need some trial and error. We came to that one by having tried several sunscreens that all gave her a bad reaction, and analyzing the ingredients they had in common.

The Waterbabies Pure & Simple didn't have the same ingredients that the other three had in common. (It had some of the same ingredients, but not the ones that were common to all three.)

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answers from Boston on

California Baby No Fragrance - you can get it at Target. We use both the lotion on the body (it's very thick) and a stick on the face.The EWG rating is 1.

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answers from Dallas on

My son gets a rash from certain sunscreens. Someone recommended the Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby. I got the sunblock stick. It has an spf 60. I love it because it is easy to apply to his face and ears and no rash.



answers from Dallas on

I used Mustela for my kiddos and loved it. However, none of mine had sensitive skin, but it is designed for sensitve skin.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I use and trust Neutrogena Sensitive Skin, fragrance free on my son. We learn that he is allergic to sunscreen and this is the only one that does not make him break out in a rash like you describe. I use it on his face and he has never complained about it getting in his eyes. We use it when he will be in the water, weather it's a pool or sprinkler and he has never had sunburn. It works and does not irritate the skin.


answers from Bloomington on

I have very sensitive skin and I use Aveeno on my face.


answers from Dover on

We use Melaleuca's Sun it! It is very effective, not greasy, and it is so gentle my 4yr old tries to use it like regular body lotion...which means I go through it quicker than necessary.


answers from Hartford on

Well, first off there's no such thing as a waterproof sunscreen no matter what the bottle says. There are actually new rules in place that after this year sunscreen labels will no longer be allowed to say "waterproof" on them because it's misleading.

I honestly never put sunscreen on the face. It's just too irritating. I have a face lotion from Mary Kay that has sunscreen in it and we can't even use that because it causes burning rashes and eczema. Instead, I promote them wearing floppy hats and staying in the shade as much as possible. They've never had sunburn on their faces.



answers from Chicago on

Try Aveno brand. It's supposed to be good for sensitive skin.



answers from Washington DC on

I think cetaphil makes a moisturizer with sunscreen. You can try that. It's pretty mild. You'd have to reapply often, though.

Aveeno makes a face sunscreen that we use on DD.



answers from Dallas on

the only sunscreen we use is aveeno 55, but NOT the baby version - it's very powdery and doesn't stay on well. when we first put our pool in, we tried several different sunscreens the first summer, but the regular aveeno is the only one that none of us had any reaction to AND no one ever got burned - they make a face version as well that we use.



answers from Allentown on

My daughter is very sensitive to the chemicals in sunscreen. I used to use Aubreys Organic Green Tea sunscreen but for some reason they decided to change the formula. Someone suggested Badgers sunscreen (all organic w/ no chemicals). I've been using that since the start of summer with no skin issues & no burns. I did email Badger Co. and although they don't offer samples they will refund 100% of your money if you're not satisfied with their product. So far I'm very satisfied.

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