Sunday School Christmas Program for Preschool Age

Updated on November 23, 2011
L.S. asks from Tyler, MN
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A friend and I are in charge of the preschool portion of our Sunday School's Christmas Program. We will only need to fill maybe 15 minutes of time and want to keep it fairly simple. We've thought about just having the kids sing some Christmas songs that they enjoy, but would like to do something to make it a little more interesting. Any cute ideas for preschool programs?

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You can have an adult narrate the Christmas story, and the children can sing songs between short passages. Since you only have 15 minutes, the speaker can use a few short versus, or just bear testimony in between songs about different meanings of Christmas and Christ. Each speakers words will set up for the upcoming song the children sing. Even cuter, would be if the speakers were young children, just telling a sentence or two

Here's an example, it's more adult oriented, but words and songs would be changed for the time and the kids singing.

Here is a nativity pageant script for young children:



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For some of the songs they can wear a reindeer head band, and for another one maybe have some little bells they can shake while they sing. Another song they can go around in circles...
Just ideas to keep things exciting :)
Hope you and the kids have a great time!!



answers from Bismarck on

Just singing a few Christmas songs they know would be cute...the kids are what makes it at that age...they pick their noses, pull dresses up, move around and that is the most entertaining of all, just watching and enjoying them...doesn't have to be complicated at all...Away in the manager..songs like that...of course they will forget the words but that's what makes the program cute..they will steal the show everytime!



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If you have any kids who can memorize and not be scared a short sentence or Bible verse between songs would be nice. If you want to stick with singing which is definitely easiest with preschoolers then try teaching a few actions. One year during songs we had adult or teens be Mary and Joseph and the kids dressed up as angels and animals. I think they might have sang. having a few adults or teens helped fill the stage and helped guide the younger ones.

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