Sun Screen for Myself and My Son

Updated on May 06, 2008
M.K. asks from Lombard, IL
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I am in need of a sun screen for myself for my face and neck. I have combination skin. I am looking for something that doesn't smell like sun tan lotion and I really don't need something that is moisturizer/sunscreen combination.

I am also looking for something more "natural" for my son. I used baby Aveeno last year but I am leaning toward California Baby this year. Has anyone used it and if so what are your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Chicago on

I just read somewhere about the dangers of sunscreen and would only use a natural product on my kids. Also keep in mind that 15 or 20 minutes of sunlight is good for you everyday. The big talk is the vitamin D factor, but there are many health benefits, just use common sense. By using sunscreens, all the benefits are being blocked out.


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answers from Springfield on

For myself, I'm in love with Aveeno's 70 SPF for Face/Neck. It's awesome! It doesn't really smell like anything to me.

For my kiddos I use WaterBabies brand, it's the pink bottle.


answers from Chicago on

Great question! You really do have to watch your sunscreens and the other poster is absolutely correct about looking up products to see how "healthy" they are.

I have been using Arbonne's suncare products and they have a great line for children as well - all without chemicals, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil, etc. that can cause irritation or potential harm. Great products that do the job and keep you healthy! All available online and delivered to you - with the price of gas, it's a great place to do online shopping for all your personal and health/wellness needs.

Let me know if I can be of help to you. But do check out the website. The internet is full of information that we all can educate ourselves with. It truly is "Buyer Beware". Here's to your health!




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I just wanted to share that I used to think a little bit of sun was okay, but still used sunblock for myself and my children beyond 20 minutes of exposure.

Well, last year I had skin cancer on my forehead! Luckily they got it all but I'm not thrilled with the scar and just the anxiety I had to go through.

Now, I use sunscreen under my makeup (which also has sunscreen) I use Mary Kay, two layers of SPF 25 equals 50 and I put sunblock 50 on my daughter every day - Waterbabies; she has the same sensitive skin that I do.

When she was a toddler I got the highest block I could find in a stick that you just kind of roll-on (I think it was waterbabies).

You still get vitamins from the sun with sunblock on - so use it everyday and don't forget the backs of your hands when driving - another common place we forget and often get skin cancer (plus it will keep your hands younger looking).



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