Summer Vacations

Updated on August 12, 2013
E.S. asks from New York, NY
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What is max duration of vacation you take with your tots in the summer?

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So What Happened?

I thank you so much for your detailed responses. This summer vacation our family took a 16 day trip but I have to say I was quiet exhausted after our trip. I agree that maybe one week vacation and 2 long weekends would be sufficient in a year and pretty relaxing. Packing is much easier for a 7 day trip when traveling with a tot. I tend to loosen down on everyday schedule with my tot when we are traveling and it surely takes a bit of time to get back to normal rhythm once we are back. Once again I appreciate the responses and your inputs.

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answers from Columbia on

I could only ever take 5 business days off from my job, so I would say 7 or 8 if we tacked on each weekend.

Honestly, though, I enjoyed the vacations that were shorter and more frequent.... The best vacation we had were 4 days long - we would leave on Fri morning and get back Mon afternoon. Then no one gets tired of each other... it's not long enough that everyone routine gets all wonky and hard to get back on and we didn't dirty enough laundry that it took me more than until after work tuesday to get all the laundry done!

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answers from Grand Forks on

The longest we tend to go away at a time is a week, but we do take lots of mini two night vacations, usually within a three hour drive from home. We were planning on going on a two week road trip this summer, but it was cancelled for a variety of reasons, so maybe next year.

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answers from Miami on

I make a point of taking at least a long weekend twice a year. Longest was a week. But if you can afford it a 3 week at a summer home sounds wonderful. Usually I try to take atleast a long weekend twice a year. I've done the disney and universal, they were fun. Honestly though I enjoyed most just a long weekend at the coast just the family. I live in Florida youd think I live at the beach. Nope work work work lol. But to just take 3 days sitting at the beach with my feet in the water is such a rejuvinating time. If your in the city area take a long weekend up to the catskills, bear mountain and just sit by the lake while the kids run around. Or go down to Atlantic City and the jersey shore if you can afford it. If you can do a real vacation you should at least once go out to Oregon and tour the whole state. You'll love it.



answers from Dallas on

We typically do 2 10 day vacations per year, but this year we did 3... next summer we have a 17 day trip and a 10 day trip - plus we usually have a few long weekends sprinkled in :)



answers from Rochester on

We do a few overnight or weekend get-a-ways throughout the year. We also do a 7-10 day vacation each spring. In the summer we do a 7-10 day vacation once or twice. Out longest vacation was this summer when we did 16 days in a row (the first 7 days with hubby). It was a road trip that covered over 2300 miles. My kids were almost 6 and almost 4. It was a long time to be away from home, but the kids did great and we had a ton of fun!!



answers from Tampa on

Weekend vacations are fun. We just returned from Atlanta. Thurs-Sun. We visited Coke, Stone Mountain, CNN, Downtown Atlanta. Our family had a good time. We met up with my brother and sister in law.



answers from Los Angeles on

The longest we ever took as a family was 16 days (Left Friday and returned Sunday 16 days later).. I would have taken longer ones, but I only had so many days off.

I took one vacation of 30 days while I was in the military, with my wife, my MIL, and two small kids.

We had a wonderful time, but my kids were disciplined and well mannered. I helped my wife and she helped me and the kids helped too. When my oldest were teenagers and we had 8 kids. We took two week vacations, it wasn't a trial for either my wife or I because we had taught my kids how to behave and what was acceptable behavior and what was not. And OUR kids obeyed. Its amazing how much easier and fun vacations can be when everyone treats all in the family with love and respect.

Good luck to you and yours.


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