Summer / Day Camps in Bucks County

Updated on February 11, 2011
J.F. asks from Doylestown, PA
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I am going to need to send my daughter who is 3 (will be 4 sept 3rd) to a day camp or summer camp in bucks county, somewhere either near, warminster, doylestown....anyone have any suggestions? Also I see most have pools, how do they work this out with 3 year olds, do they wear life vests?


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answers from Philadelphia on

Camp America in Chalfont and Elbow Lane Day Camp, close by, both in Bucks County, have (or at least had, when my kids were younger) special, half day programs for 3 year olds, with special, low fees. It cost less to send kids that age to Camp America than it did to our preschool camp...and with all the many things that a true, all around camp offers! Smart marketing by the camps! (Both camps have websites, of course, so you can see what current fees and programs are.) We know kids who go to both.

We debated between America and Elbow Lane but ultimately chose Camp America because it is ACA (American Camping Association) accredited, and that was and is important to us. Camps have to do so much to maintain their accreditation, and we wanted a camp that would meet those requirements. (You can go to the ACA website to look into this.)

Our preschool camp was wonderful, too, and certainly offered enough for a 3 year old.

Personally, I would look at preschool camps and not daycare camps, unless you truly need daycare services.....

As for swimming, I don't remember what Elbow Lane has, but Camp America has 4 pools, and my kids really learned to swim there. One pool is a wading pool, for the real little kids. My experience is that kids at camps don't wear vests because they learn to swim!

Our preschool camp had a wading pool and a small, above ground pool, without the water too high. The kids have a great time there, too, and also learn how to swim...or at least start learning how to swim!

Good luck, and have a great summer!



answers from Philadelphia on

Cherokee Day Camp in Bensalem has great intro swim programs to get kids 3-5 comfortable with the water at a child's own pace. Swim instructors are state certified and great with young kids. Life vests can be worn if provided, but the staff really takes their time to help youngsters feel comfortable and confident in the water.




answers from Philadelphia on

Why not try a local YMCA or daycare center. Most daycare centers have a "summer camp" program for older children. At the Y, they are required to wear life vests, not J. wings.



answers from Philadelphia on

I agree with the other response about trying out a daycare for the summer. Many of them try to run the summer program more as a camp atmosphere (theme weeks, trips, etc). A full blown day camp may be too much for a 3 year old. If you go the other route though, I'm sure swim safety is huge and completely addressed. With the young ones they may even J. do water play or have a wading pool.



answers from Philadelphia on

My son goes to Elbow Lane Day Camp in Warrington and we have been very happy. He started at six though, but I know they have a preschool program as well. It's a pretty awesome camp.



answers from Philadelphia on

a little farther out is twin spring in ambler... it's a wonderful camp for the younger kids (and not J. a big kids camp who happen to have a program for the little kids)... our kids (ages 2 and 4) started school there this past fall and we are so looking forward to them being there for camp! i can not say enough! we absolutely love it here!!! feel free to ask M. any questions.

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