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Updated on June 02, 2009
K.C. asks from Lutz, FL
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My son is 8 and has ADHD. We have resently learned that he will not be passing to the third grade because of his reading and writing and he did not pass the Hills Writes. This has been very hard on him and I would like to get him some help over the summer. He is attending the summer reading camp through his school and the school told me that I can have him re-tested at the begining of the year to see if they will put him in 3rd grade. I would like suggestion of any place that is affordable and near the lutz area that will forcus on reading and writing. Thank you so much for your time and help

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answers from Tampa on

Kids who are hyperactive are often just needing nutrition. You can buy Fish Oil for children at a health food store. Nordic Berries is a good brand.
I have been studying vitamins, supplements and alternative medicine for 16 years as a layperson and know this to be an effective solution to ADHD and hyperactivity.
Best of Luck to you,



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Ditto on the previous response.... ADHD (my laypersons opinion) is just another word for 1) allergic to processed foods 2) an additional allergy to either milk, wheat, sugar, corn).

A non-processed foods diet for 7 days, where the common allergens are taken out of the diet -- like sugar, milk, wheat, high fructose corn syrup, etc.... then if you see a positive response, you know you're on the right track.

Also, I have had the same experience as the previous poster in regards to Nordic Naturals Omega 3,6 and 9 fish oil products --- they are awesome, and everyone that I know that has used them, has benefitted.... in regards to retention, they made an incredible difference. Some doctors are now treating varied cases of ADHD with the good Omegas which are found in Nordic Naturals. Brand makes a difference here.... this brand is very pure.

A holistic doctor could work wonders here, and/or a holistic nutritionist. I heard one story where a boy was diagnosed with autism.... in reality it was just an allergy to milk and wheat.

Also, has he had alot of antibiotics? if so, replacing the stomach flora might be a good idea. (with probiotics).

L. G



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Hi K.,
Everyone's version of "affordable" is different,
but I'm writing to tell you that I saw REMARKABLE success
with one friend's young child in a similar situation
when they signed him up for Sylvan for a brief time.

Other than that, get ANY books which interest him
(my son loved Captain Underpants at that age, as well as the Exploration Books)
and give him some incentive to read
a certain amount of time every day
then, while you spend time together,
afterwards, ask him questions about the book.
Also, read to him every day (I liked to, at tuck-in time)
to show him that even when we have difficulties,
we can find ways to enjoy the process
and that he's not alone.
(my son loved when I made mistakes...he liked
to tell me how to "go right" with it)
Making trips to the library something to look forward to,
might be incentive enough for some kids
AND they get to pick out spiffy books to take home!

You dont specify what challenges he has
when it comes to writing.
There are LOTS of fun things you an do with counting
beans, buttons, macaroni etc.
We did pattern work, with numbers
by making (painted) noodle necklaces.

Make up songs to sing
about whatever info you need to work on.
(my daughter learned to count by 5s in one car trip)

You'll make it through Mom,
and honestly, if he tests next school year
and is still retained,
let him know you still adore him
and that he's not a bit behind,
Your stress will feed his, so do your best,
let it ride...and find ways to work together.



answers from Tampa on

Hi K.,

Last summer we used Sylvan twice a week and one of the teachers from his school once a week; this got my son to where he needed to be to pass 1st grade. we had to take him the week before school started and have the reading coach at the school retest him to see if he was on a 2nd grade level. check with some of the teachers at your school most of them do tutor. i have another teacher i am using this summer for my other son. Good Luck.



answers from Tampa on

I'm sorry to hear about your son's struggles with language arts. I certainly hope that you were kept in the loop about your son's progress throughout the year and that it wasn't a bombshell at the end of the school year. I would find a teacher in your area that is interested in tutoring simply because I think they are more familiar with Hillsb. county grade level objectives and can probably better address your son's difficulties. I found that my students (I taught for many years before having my son) who used some of the outside companies didn't really make as much progress as one would expect. You might want to ask your son's teacher because I know many of my colleagues do tutoring over the summer. Good luck and stay positive. I know how hard retention can be for students and their families.

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