Summer for Kids with Two Working Parents

Updated on November 29, 2011
D.M. asks from Littleton, CO
7 answers

I know this is not super-timely, as it's November. However, I am wondering what our options will be when our kids are in school full-tme. Now they are still in day care, preschool. What do parents who both work do for their kids in the summer. I am dreading this, and I'd like to be home more, but it may not be an option. Thanks for sharing.

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answers from Kansas City on

Our daycare has a summer program for children up to age 12.

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answers from Phoenix on

Daycare centers, schools, YMCA, the city, all have summer programs. There are many summer "camps" that double as child care for working parents, as well.

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answers from Canton on

We (luckily) found a sumer camp that was only $25 a week. Before that we were paying $80 a week for daycare. Maybe you could find a local teenager that would babysit.

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answers from Sacramento on

Many public school districts have before/after school care programs that extend into the summer, with full-time care. That's what we use in the summer. It's full of all sorts of field trips and fun activities for the kids.

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answers from Austin on

We always went to a summer day camps. They were usually at churches.
Movies, swimming regular trips to the library.. playground, parks.. we took our own lunches..

The City Parks and Recreation also had day camps and usually so does the YMCA.

It was always a blast. Here in Austin in January, they start holding information meetings for the different summer day camps..

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answers from New York on

CAMP. For my girls it was, and still is, Girl Scout camp (note: they will need to become a member of GS, but do not have to belong to a troop or currently be active). There are also Y camps. Many park and rec depts also offer day camps. Most camps start registrations in February.

Day care - you can place them in a day care facility or you can hire someone to come to your home and watch them.



answers from Denver on

We live in Denver and the Schlessman YMCA was our lifesaver until the kids were old enough for camp - they are open 7 to 7, very flexible, great staff and great field trips.

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