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Updated on March 25, 2012
J.R. asks from Powell, TN
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My girls are 6 and 7 years old. I need to buy them some new summer clothes. Where do you buy clothes for your kids? I want them to have nice things, but we are also on a budget. Any suggestions for nice clothes that aren't too expensive?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. We went shopping yesterday and got some good things. We went to Kohl's, Old Navy, Ross and Marshalls. We did the best at Kohl's and Ross. We still need to get some more stuff, but at least we got a start. I do LOVE thrift stores also and check them frequently. Happy Shopping everyone!!

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answers from Erie on

Some parents whine about thrifts stores but I love them, I try to get plain shorts and then make a day with my daughter to embroider fun designs. Other places to try are Ross, T.J.Max and discount store really. Also look for sales at places like J.C. Penny, Macy's and Dillard's.

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answers from Detroit on

I know that you mentioned new clothes, but I went last weekend and I'm going again this weekend to a Mom-to-Mom sale, and girls clothes are always plentiful. I've seen several new items with tags on the racks displayed.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with your other replys here. I love Kohl's and Target. Also you can often find excellent condition big brand names (Gymboree, Gap, Hanna Anderson and Abercrombie and others at consignment stores. I've had a lot of luck with that too.
I don't shop at Walmart for ethical/moral reasons but my mom does. I can definitely tell the difference in quality in the clothes she gets for my kids.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I buy a lot of 2nd hand brand name clothes. I only pick top brands and clothes in perfect condition. I shop tons of rummage sales and have found new looking clothing for 1.00 a piece. We also have a few childrens consignment places here and I stop in often to pick up items.

Brand new I shop sales at Crazy 8, Gymboree (amazing deals to be found there if you keep looking), Old Navy & The Children's Place. Parenting magazine gives out a Crazy 8 and Gymboree 20% off coupon almost every magazine.

Do you have an outlet mall by you? I always go there too, especially when they have their sidewalk or big sales.

Kohls is hit or miss and the girls clothes can be a bit racey. I don't find them to be any cheaper than anywhere else. You need the Kohls CC to make the savings worth your while.

Don't forget to browse Craigslist.

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answers from San Antonio on

We buy shorts from Target (they seem to last a bit longer than other places, as well as hold their shape better), and Old Navy on their stock up sale. We get shorts, skirts, and shorts from those places on sale, and Wal-Mart.

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answers from Johnson City on

Check your area for consignment sales! Our community seems to have one just about every weekend this time of year. If you decide to try those out, check the terms. It usually pays to consign yourself if you have stuff you can sell. The one we go to, you price your own stuff and get 70%. Consignors can go to a "pre-sale" before the event is opened to the public. We typically come pretty close to breaking even -- sell enough to pay for what we buy and both of my kids have additions to their wardrobes for the upcoming season. We fill in the gaps with purchases from Walmart or, occasionally, Kohl's. But you can also find some nice things at consignment stores.



answers from Chicago on always get great prices and products. Never pay full price and clothes keep really well. I just paid $4 for t shirts and $5 for shorts after all the discounts and sales. I don't buy from Old Navy or Target for my older one b/c it doesn't last to pass down to the younger one.



answers from Louisville on

target!!! check the clerance racks you can get brand new things for as low as a dollar!



answers from Dallas on

Might see if you have a Once Upon a Child in your area. Its a childrens consignment store that carries gently used brand name childrens clothing at great prices. I buy the majority of my kids clothes here and many times a lot of the stuff was never worn and still has tags on it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I like JCPenney the best, lately - for both prices and selection. I'm a Target fan in general, but their selection can be limited, and they like very "decorative" styles sometimes. My daughter likes simple styles. I used to like Kohls better, but as my DD has moved into the big girl styles, not as sure about Kohls.



answers from Dallas on

Most of my kids stuff comes from walmart but when I can I will try and find sales at kohl's. Of corse I have boys so it is a little easier to dress them. Sometimes when I shop for my neices I will also go to Target. It all just depends on what I am looking for.

Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Denver on

Old Navy just had a sale - $4 for shorts and tank tops. Keep an eye out for their sales. Their prices are pretty good too.

Sears and KMart are one in the same. Sears has their kids wear and tear protection policy and guarentee their shoes and clothes.

My other fav spot is Target. Love love love Target. Great prices too.

And as much as I dislike Walmart - they do carry Garanimals - which is a great budget friendly brand.


answers from Chicago on

I get the staples from JCPenny - jean shorts, a few nicer short sleeve shirts, a good sweater for cool nights. Then I get a bunch of Tshirts from Walmart or Consignment. My son has a particular taste in clothes however and many of them are not found in consignment shops - so it's mostly Walmart/Target type stores. I also like to look at Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx but I find better purses/accessories than clothes much of the time. For girls I would buy things like leggings/tops at Walmart and dresses/skirts at JCPenny or Sears I like sometimes.



answers from Cleveland on

i always go to the outlets for clothes i get a deal on them, childrens place has a GREAT sale right now for summer clothes and old navy has shorts on sale



answers from Oklahoma City on

We do almost all of our shopping at consignment stores and sales, Then we do get occasional things at Walmart.



answers from Greensboro on

Crazy 8 or The Children's Place. Very nice clothes and they are very durable. All my four younger kids have grown up on those stores.



answers from Philadelphia on

We shop a lot at Old Navy, but consignment sales can also be a great option. You can check to see if there is a sale near you in the near future. I know we have a huge one here in Philly today and tomorrow.



answers from Nashville on

My daughter is 7 and loves to shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores. If you go to ones that are closer to more expensive neighborhoods, they will have more designer clothes at great prices. Some times we even find stuff that has never been worn and still has the original tags on it. As far as new clothes I like to catch the clearance sales at Kmart or Target. I also buy clothes that are bigger sizes and store them for the next year. One year I bought about 20 pairs of shorts and 20 shirts at Kmart for around $40. I got them in a few different sizes and my daughter had summer clothes for the next 3 years.
Also check around with friends and relatives for someone who works at a clothing store and gets a discount. My Aunt works for Macy's and got my daughter 5 brand new sundresses for $20. These dresses were originally sold for $49.99 each, but between the clearance discount and her employee discount she saved over $200 on them. Plus being sundresses they were worn as dresses the first year, tunics the second, and this year will be shirts.
Another Aunt goes to a thrift store where everything you can fit in a bag is $4. She grabs whatever she can that is brand new looking and not too trendy. At home we separate them by size and store them in plastic boxes. This way she has clothes to wear as she grows. Clothes she has outgrown go back to Goodwill or we give them to people we meet with smaller girls.


answers from San Francisco on

Consignment shops are the best!
Other than that, Old Navy and Target have the best prices and cutest styles, IMO :)



answers from Greensboro on

I see nothing wrong with thrift and consignment stores. And I love JCPenny's clearance racks. In the fall we bough my two oldest girls almost $400 worth of clothes for $80. A lot of it they are wearing this spring.



answers from Detroit on

target has cute things for cheap.. they will fade... but they will last the 3 months of summer .. for not much $$.

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