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Updated on February 06, 2016
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'd like my oldest to enjoy going away to camp, especially since we homeschool. I'm curious as to what age is a good age to start week long camps away from home?

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter was in 4th grade. So 8-9ish?

She did it 2 years in a row with different camps and it was all good!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My kids started week long sleepaway camps when they were eight years old. They were both already comfortable sleeping away from home and had both been camping many times as a family or with friends. We also arranged for them to attend a camp that at least one friend would be attending so that they would know someone. If your child hasn't been away overnight for sleepovers, or has never been camping or to a camp I would suggest doing some sleepovers and maybe a family camp first.

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answers from Portland on

I think it would depend on your kids and their personalities and comfort levels.

Mine were about grade 4 I think. One of mine had trouble sleeping at the camp (sleeping away from home) but had also had problems at sleepovers, so that wasn't a total surprise. But it made it hard for him to enjoy camp fully.

Our camp accepts kids younger than that for week long stays. But they offer summer camps for 2 nights away when they are younger (around age 7). So they can build up to longer stays.

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answers from San Francisco on

Most kids around here go summer after 3rd or 4th grade, depending on maturity level.

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answers from Washington DC on

Well, I had a hard time with this husband flew my best friend out LOL - when we sent our oldest away for a week!! He was 8 years old. He seemed so young...he had such a blast!! The next year his brother joined him - they both enjoyed it. And yep - we made it a tradition - my best friend comes out for a weekend! LOVE IT!!!



answers from Rochester on

I agree with what someone else said about it really depending on the child. I started going to church camp for a week the summer after 4th grade a loved it!! Every summer from then through high school I went to at least one week long camp. My brother went at the same age and hated it so much that he made himself sick. I was a counselor at the same camp when I was in high school and college. Most of my girls handled it fine, but some really struggled. My daughter is in 3rd grade and no way would survive a week away at camp. Almost every sleepover she has gone to, we have had to go and pick her up before midnight.

Has your child stayed overnight places? Has your child been away from you for anytime before? How easily does your child make friends and handle new situations? It will really depend on your child's experiences and personality. Maybe start with a 1-3 night camp just to start out and see how it goes.


answers from Springfield on

i sarted going to a week long camp when i was in 5th grade.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I went to Falls Creek when I was old enough to go with the youth group to Baptist youth camp. That was my first away camp.

This year our 12 year old girl will camp a few days at girls camp. They sometimes do primitive camping and rough it. Sometimes they use a facility that has bathrooms, cabins, and some primitive camp sights. But overall when she goes I have been to this camp many times. I've planned family camp outs there, went to wedding parties/ceremonies there, and done a lot of service projects at this camp so I'm very comfortable for her to be going there. I also trust the adults who'll be there too. She will have a blast and get good spiritual teachings.

I loved going to Falls Creek in the summer months. We'd go and play softball every year. That was my fun thing. I loved going to play in the band during services, play softball, be with my friends, and inadvertently I'd feel the spirit and grow spiritually.

So our girl hasn't gone away to camp at all until this coming summer. I went to my first away camp the same age but with the baptist church back then.


answers from Washington DC on

7 or 8, if memory serves.

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