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Updated on May 22, 2012
J.C. asks from Corona, CA
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For all you 'hot' SAHM from so cal, what do you do with your preschoolers during the summer? She is 4, and Im thinking of putting her in a half day summer program, but when its over its 12,we like to go to the park, but in the middle of the day its too hot. So what do you do in the summer for fun and to keep cool? Thanks!

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answers from San Francisco on

Water! A pool, beach, lake, river, stream, whatever you are closest to :)
And after an afternoon of heat it's great to come home, have a popsicle and lie down in a cool, dark room for a while :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.!
I've seen a really cool public pool at a park here in Northridge (I'm in the SF Valley in LA). Also the YMCA near our house has an inside pool & activities. I bought a plastic kiddie pool for $10 for my 4 year old twins last Summer & they STILL play with it all the time!
Palm Desert has an AWESOME public pool ( though you probably are worse off there in the Summer) with a toddler water play area that costs maybe $5 for the day. That was really fun- we visited in October.
Stay cool!!! :)



answers from Los Angeles on

Pretend City in Irvine and Splash Pad in Westminster are good places to visit.



answers from Los Angeles on

we go to movies for the summer program:

lots of theatres have them. its one movie per week for $5 per person for 10 weeks (.50 per movie) you just commit to one day per week to go. or you can go when you want for $2. We just moved to corona from chino hills but we are still planning on attending summer movies in chino hills.



answers from Champaign on

We do classes: swim, gym, soccer. My soon-to-be kindergartener is signed up for a swim class, a gym class, a soccer clinic and vacation bible school. My newly turned 3 year old is signed up for a swim class and a gym class and he'll have to hang with me when big brother goes to the other classes.

We also go to story time and the library and at Barnes and Noble, and we go to the museum that has a children's area. Sometimes, when I really just need to let them run around, we go to McDonald's.

Check out your park district for more ideas. They will often have free events, and that can be very helpful!

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