Suggestions to Help Baby Stand on His Own

Updated on July 28, 2012
D.L. asks from Jacksonville, NC
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My son is 11 months and cruising like its nothing, squats down to get toys and everything yet he doesn't seem to want to stand. He does it for a couple seconds until he realizes what he is doing then drops right back down. He has a riding/pushing dino toy that he will walk with but when it comes to doing it on his own there is no chance. Any suggestions to give him more confidence in standing up by his own with no support? Also, I do understand that he will do it on his own time I just want to help him a little :). Thanks.

Im sorry if my question isnt obvious..What im asking is for any suggestions to help build up his confidence to stand up on his own without holding on to anything.

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answers from Dallas on

Just be patient. When he's ready, he'll do it, and then you'll be asking us "What was I thinking!!!" when you have to chase him around - LOL!

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answers from Las Vegas on

There really isn't anything else you can do. He'll do it one day on his own but for now just let him do it the way he wants to. No need to rush this because soon enough he'll be walking all over the place.

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answers from Boston on

I don't think you can "help" this. As you say, he WILL do it on his own. It may not be a lack of confidence - he may just not be all that steady. Encourage him to do the things he already likes doing - walking with a toy, cruising, etc. Understand that he is growing and developing, and his little brain is working on other things and just not on standing. Clearly there is nothing wrong with him because he can manage some activities. One of the hardest things for parents to do is to learn to celebrate what their kids are doing and not lament that they aren't doing something else. He's developmentally on track, and lots of kids don't walk until 14 months. He's fine and you can't make it happen any faster. I'd say to enjoy him and try really hard not to get frustrated because you think he should be on a different timetable.

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answers from Norfolk on

He's fine!
You don't need to do anything (other than take pictures!).
He builds his own confidence.
And he'll be so fearless your heart will be in your throat some of the time.
Before you know it he'll be running so fast you won't be able to catch him.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Enjoy the time right before he walks. Soon the chase will begin!

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answers from New York on

I don't understand what the problem is. You mean he wont stand unless he is holding on to something? He sounds developmentally on target. Nothing to worry about.

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answers from Hartford on

He actually is standing. Let him do it on his own. He does need to figure it out and doesn't need the help. His confidence will build up better without the help, especially when he does it without noticing or has motivation. All too often, our "help" is exactly the same thing as forcing it to happen before they're ready and has the opposite effect that we want.

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answers from Honolulu on

What your son is doing, at 11 months old... is all a "precursor" to him actually "mastering" standing, and then, walking.
He is fine and developing fine... and all babies go through these steps on their way to fully mastering, standing and then standing on their own, and then in walking.

He is normal.
They stand. Then plunk right down and sit.

He is VERY VERY young, for you to expect him to do it on his own.
He is a baby.
He is developing.
When developing, a baby or child does it in stages. Until ALL of their motor-skills and coordination of their appendages.... correlates all at the same time.

Get the book "What To Expect The First Year" and "What To Expect The Toddler Years."

Again, a baby and then a Toddler, learns things in stages... and per their motor development.
Your baby, is totally normal.
ALL babies, do that. Some at an even later age, than yours.

"Helping" him or not, will not make him better or not, than another child.
Each baby, develops at their own pace. And... should be ALLOWED to develop at their own pace.

Keep your "expectations" age-appropriate.
Or as a child grows up, they will get frustrated, by having incongruent expectations put onto, them. Because it is not in line with their age or development. ie: if a child is 2, then expecting them to have the coordination or maturity of a 5 year old, will not work.

My kids, did not use push-toys, until older than your child.
And they stand then drop down.
Babies do not have, eloquent movements. Nor do they know... the exact "sequence" of movements or coordination yet... to go from standing to squatting or sitting, nor how to even go from standing to then laying down on their back.

It is not a confidence thing. All babies, learn that way. They do things for a bit, then stop. Then do it again, then stop. They do things repeatedly, because that is how they learn.
Your baby, is doing fine and is totally on target.

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answers from Austin on

Our daughter walked unassisted at 6 months, on her own.

What we found is that she developed at her own pace. We could not stop her. Also if we got excited or tried to assist her, it actually distracted her from what she was doing so well on her own.

When I was a child I did not walk until my 1st birthday.. My mom was worried because she felt like all of the other children my age were walking.

Then she said I went through a few weeks of only walking if I held someones hand.. Once they knew I could walk on my own.. They would place a toy in their hand and I would also hold onto the toy and walk along.. While I was not looking, they would let go of the toy, and I would walk on my own, around holding the toy. I would only plunk down when I realized no one was holding on to the toy with me.

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answers from Tulsa on

My son at 11 months could do exactly what yours does. He would cruise around with furniture, bend over, squat down, stand back up, but all with a hand firmly attached to something. If I tried to stand him up in the middle of a room he'd immediately sit down. Sometimes he'd let go and stand up for several seconds before realizing it, then he'd latch right back. He took his first few steps right before his 1st birthday and by 13 months was walking, standing from a sitting position with no help, and going pretty much everywhere. Your son is just not ready yet, if it makes you feel better you can help him "practice" by standing him up and holding his hand and then letting go, but ultimately he will do this in his own time. It's not a matter of lack of confidence, it's that he's not developmentally ready to stand by himself yet. One thing I am learning is not to rush, he will do things in his own time. Let him.

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answers from Columbus on

Kids are all different...mine didn't walk tell nearly a yr old.They do it when there ready..Be patient ..It will happen..

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answers from Louisville on

dont rush it! i tried to get my oldest to walk soon and she did...boy did i regret it! my youngest didnt walk for a long time and life was easy! she did the same thing you are talking about. he will get there soon :)



answers from New York on

Give him time. He is only 11 months. He will do it when he is ready not when you are ready.

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