Suggestions on Which 12 Inch Girls Bike to Buy?

Updated on April 08, 2011
A.D. asks from Gig Harbor, WA
8 answers

So I have decided after reading many suggestions on birthday gifts for my soon to be 3 year old daughter to get her a "big girl" 12 inch bike for her birthday. After looking online though, there are just so many to choose from! Which one to get? Any suggestions on brand of bike? Or ones that you have purchased and liked? If so, where did you get them? Things to look for in a bike? My daughter loves Dora the Explorer and I saw that Walmart has a Dora bike, but it has just come in and has not gotten any reviews yet and I usually base my online purchases off of the reviews so I am a little hesitant on purchasing that one. Anyway, any suggestions?

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answers from Eugene on

Get the 12". I started both of my kids on 12" and they now love bike riding. They were very confided riding a bike that fits them, not one too big. We had kids the same age in the neighborhood riding bigger bikes, they were scared of them. My girls moved up to the 16" at 4 or 5, but went back to the 12" to learn to ride without training wheels. Get the Dora the Explorer she will love it. Reviews are written by lovers and haters. The average person doesn't write them.

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answers from Los Angeles on

i think thats a great little bike for her. we got my daughter the disney princess bike that looks pretty similar to that one. my daughter loves it and it fits her well :).

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answers from Portland on

Buy one on craigslist ur daughter wont care it's not new and it us something she will outgrow quickly



answers from Honolulu on

... Hmm... how tall is your girl?
When my son was 3.. we got him a 16" Huffy bike.
Which he fits real well.
My son has the Buzz Lightyear from Costco.
Its great.
Huffy is good.

A 12" bike, is small.
She will outgrow that fast.

Just read reviews of whatever bike you look at.



answers from Portland on

don't forget that you can read reviews on amazon too:

i kind of wished i'd started my daughter learning on those bikes with no pedals so she could concentrate on balancing first. or you can probably just take them off whatever bike you get.


answers from Bloomington on

We bought my son a Huffy from KMart last week. If you check in the store they may have a good deal. I bought last year's model, Handy Manny, on clearance for $30! So far, so good! He's ridden it everyday and loves it! He's 3.5.


answers from Redding on

Just a suggestion, getting a 12 inch bike may be a waist of money, they outgrow them FAST! we bought our daughter one and ended up upgrading to a 14 inch bike before we knew it. 14 inch bikes are a little harder to find, but well worth the search.

My son at 3 got his first bike and we bought him a 16inch, he is tall for his age. Our daughter is 6 and is still in a 16-inch. So it really depends on the child's hight. We took them to Walmart and had them measured for a bike.


answers from Chicago on

Do NOT get one where the wheel, pedals and front handlebars move as one piece (the pedals are ON the front wheel). My daughter got one of those for her birthday or Christmas like 2 years ago (it is a Princess one but they have them all kinds of Characters) and once they really learn how to ride, and they go to turn around the bike TIPS OVER because of the pressure of the foot on side of the wheel where the pedal is)! It is very annoying! My parents got her another princess one where the pedals are where a NORMAL bike has them and it is perfect!

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