Suggestions on Time off for Maternity Leave

Updated on January 06, 2010
C.H. asks from Hudson, WI
6 answers

I am an in-home daycare provider and I recently found out that I am pregnant. 11 weeks. I am not due until Oct. 11th, but I know the time will fly. What I need to know from other providers or moms who have run into this situation, what do I do about my maternity leave? How long, paid or unpaid, use vacation time or not? I just have no idea what if fair and appropriate. If anyone can give advice I would appreciate it. thank you!!

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answers from Davenport on

I know you already have had your child by now but Im due Feb. 15th '10 and Im a in home daycare provider. Im taking 3 weeks unpaid off. Unless I have a c-section then at least 4 weeks or longer. I have given my parents numbers of other childcare providers here in town to call when the time comes, everyone is ok with it all!



answers from Milwaukee on

Our last in home provider had a baby and she took our son back the next week. Now he was getting close to 2, same age as her son, and he was the only one she watched consistently so I'm sure that helped. She also had her in laws there to help for a month. I guess I would see if you could find someone for back up cause it is really hard to find one on such short notice. Sorry, that probably didn't help you. Good luck and congrats. I am currently 12 wks along, due Oct 5th :)



answers from Omaha on

When I was pregnant I "hired" one of my good friends who stays home with her kids to work for me for a few weeks. She came about a week before my due date and stayed for about 2-3 weeks after the baby was born.

Also my sister who also does daycare just took 3 weeks unpaid vacation but she ended up loosing two of her kids becuase they decided not to come back.

I would just be open and honest with your daycare parents and see what they think would work the best. also does your husband have any vacation time that he could take to help run the daycare, that might help limit the time off you need to take.



answers from St. Cloud on

I took 7 weeks off when I had my daughter.

As for charging the parents, you can NOT. If there is nothing in your contract about maternity leave, (since you're asking the question I'm assuming not....) you can NOT charge them.

I told all my parents that I was planning on taking 6 weeks off after the baby was born (ended up to be 7 because I had a c-section.) When I went into labor I had all the phone numbers ready so my mom could call all the parents and let them know it was time to contact their back-up daycares.

My friend who also did daycare only took 2 weeks off after having her 3rd baby. All natural, no drugs, quick labor and delivery.

So, it really depends on your preferance for how long you want off. And how long you can afford to take off. You just need to be up front to the parents so they can have a plan in place whent the time comes.



answers from Minneapolis on

I've heard of some providers hiring a back up "helper" to come to their home right before you give birth and stay until a month or so after. Therefor eliminating the need to make the parents go get backup sitters. You can go back to work soon after and have your helper there for a nice transition back to work etc.



answers from La Crosse on

Congratulations! Give yourself at least 6 months off. You are working too hard as it is.

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