Suggestions on Birthday Party Activities for 4 Y/o "Dressy" Party

Updated on June 26, 2011
S.W. asks from Fontana, CA
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My daughter will be turning 4 in August and she wants to have a dress up party. So we're having a "Super Hero/Princess" party (girls dress up like princesses and boys like super heroes). Anyway, I've been thinking about this because I know if moms are like me, they won't want their little girls getting their princess dresses dirty or torn, which leads me to think that a party at a park would not be a good idea.
Would a jumper be too much since they'll be dressed up? What other games/activities could we do that would keep all the kids interested and not so dirty at the same time. I don't expect of course for the kids to stay completely clean. That would just be insane. But, you know what mean. I'm taking all suggestions. Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Maybe Musical Chairs...or better yet "Musical Thrones"

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answers from Los Angeles on

Have the parents bring play clothes for outdoor activities!
the questions you want to ask yourself is how long do you want to keep the kids inside? Do you want them all running around and shouting in doors?
The bounce house will be great fun and it will help with the excitement of the day. They can play until they get tried. Have a parent supervision going on around the bounce house. This will also give you time finish up decorating the cake!
freeze tag is a great game as well as red light green light and then you can do duck duck goose or hot potato.
most of all have fun !
L. m

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decorate fun foam wands and crowns/masks with the peel and stick decorations (get at Michaels).
Go to They have tons of ideas for that theme.
I'd skip the bouncer with capes and princess dresses-rips and trips waiting to happen.

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Games like Freeze when the music stops, pin the tiara on the princess, an arts and crafts activity (you can buy ones that are already have adhesive on them at Oriental Trading Company are fun. My daughter had a princess party when she turned 4. There is a lot out there. You could even line your floors with bubble wrap that the kids can pop. Have fun!

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answers from San Diego on

hi S., i always just had my kids parties at the house, with pin the tail on the donky such games like that, I had the dinning room table set up with what ever theim were doing, had streamers and ballons, I made up goodie bags for all the kids actually it went very well, Between my 3 kids we had a lot of parties here at our home even when we lived in an apartment all of them a sucess. J.


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answers from Los Angeles on

maybe instead of the girls wearing their nice dress clothes they can wear their princess costumes....every girl has one or two! That way if they get dirty, they are only costumes!



answers from San Diego on

how about having an active happy energetic play party in play clothes - where all the kids can have real fun and will have great memories.

the idea of making the superhero or a royalty (for either sex)
could work well at this age (without being all dressed up) by making hats
they can decorate them anyway they want as a main activity and be that person
you can also get fabric and clip on fabric for capes for both roles

it will be fun and child based instead of adult based.

if yu really want to have them in dresses and outfits etc you can also have a dress up section (not the whole party) where they bring and put on the outfits for posing (song and dance maybe) and photos and then after the photos for memeories
take them off again.


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