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Updated on March 23, 2010
J.M. asks from Dearborn, MI
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My shower is a month away and we're still getting everything together.I'm looking for some good ideas on shower games other than bingo.Are there any good sites I can print stuff out? I checked out 3 different books from the library but couldn't find any good ones.Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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great idea ladies!! alot of this will come in handy for sure Thanks!!

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answers from St. Louis on

There a lot of babyshower game websites, some you pay some you don't. I found one named, its a free one, that had a lot of games that I've played before. Here are a few:
the cotton ball game
baby word scramble
don't say baby

I've also played one called "Baby Body Parts" that was great. It gives you a description and you have to guess which body part it is. It sounds easy but it really isn't. Here's an example: strikes of a whip
I played this one at friend of a friends shower so I don't know where she got it from but I do have a copy I can email to you if you like.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Google, baby shower games and you'll get tons of sites with all kinds of games. Some of the traditional games are the tray game, you put all kinds of baby stuff on a tray and pass it around for about 30 sec, then the guests have to write down as many items as they can remember. Another one is guessing the mom-to-be's belly size with toilet paper. A really good one is putting a bunch of small safety pins in a bowl with uncooked rice and blindfolding everyone and seeing how many they can pick out of the rice, sounds easy, but is actually super hard. One more is with baby food jars, taking the labels off and having people taste each one and guess what it is, or they can guess just by looking at it.

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answers from Dallas on

Check out There are some good game suggestions on that site.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Seeing who can drink from a bottle fastest
Timing people putting together a pack and play
Have mommy to be dress a doll blindfolded (have socks, diaper, shoes, onesie, etc..)
Have everyone guess size of mama's belly using string, TP or something...
Remove labels from baby food jars and have people guess what it is...


answers from Sacramento on

My family is not really into the baby shower games, but we wanted to do something fun for my shower. Instead of a traditional game they did something I thought was really neat. They set a timer to go off every 5 minutes or so while I was opening the presents. When the timer went off, whoever gave me the present I was opening got a gift. Every one really liked it.



answers from Grand Rapids on


One of my favorite Baby shower games is the pins and rice. You take containers of rice and mix in several small safety pins. Your guests have to be blind folded and they have to sort through the rice and find the safety pins. You count how many each finds, the one that finds the most get a little gift.

I have also done the toilette paper around the baby. Each person has a roll of toilette paper and they have to rip the paper at exactly enough to go around the mother's belly. The closest one wins.

Hope this helps.



answers from Detroit on

I hosted a baby shower last year and we did this one, which was great: pour a certain amount of a beverage (we used beer b/c it was an evening "couples" shower, but you could do water, juice, whatever) into baby bottles. The guests have to suck the beverage out as fast as they can, and the first one to do so wins. It is MUCH harder than you'd think, and it was really funny watching the veins pop out of some people's foreheads with the effort. The small obstacle with this game is coming up with enough baby bottles for everyone who wants to play. Luckily, a bunch of us had already had babies so we had plenty lying around (bottles, that is, not babies).

There's also the one where you melt various candy bars, put each one into a into a diaper and then guests have to guess which candy bar it is by investigating the "poop". Kind of gross - it DOES look like poop - but funny/interesting too.

Have fun!



answers from Grand Rapids on

Have a clothesline with brand new baby clothes hanging from it, attached by clothespins. (Items like onesies, sleepers, booties, socks, etc.) Have one person hanging on to the clothesline on each end. Walk out into the room and tell the guests they will have one minute to look at this clothesline, while it is being paraded in front of them. After about a minute, the ones holding on to the clothesline will leave the room. During that minute, most of the guests will be concentrating on trying to memorize what's on the clothesline, but your question will be "How long was the clothesline?" It really throws everyone off! The closest one to guessing the correct length gets a prize. The "mom to be" gets to keep the baby items on the clothesline. Have it be an odd length like 8'- 4 1/2" rather than an even length like 7' or 8'. That way you won't have duplicate guesses.



answers from Chicago on

I am currently planning a shower for a friend who doesn't want games. We're doing a diaper raffle. For everyone package of diapers that someone brings, they get a raffle ticket to enter for chance to win a nice gift basket. I know it's not a game, but it's something different that I never heard of before and wanted to share.

Have fun at the shower!


answers from Charlotte on

Give everyone some yarn and have them cut it to the length they think will fit around your belly. The closest wins.



answers from Saginaw on

If you know if it is a boy or girl, have a name for the baby products that spell out-baby boy, baby girl, or the baby's name. Put them in seperate bags, in the original containers, and on esch bag write one letter. Seal the bags. People have to figure out-guess- what is in each bag.

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