Suggestions of Christmas Gifts for Daycare Worker

Updated on December 15, 2008
K.H. asks from Yukon, OK
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What do you give the daycare workers for Christmas? And do you give to the main teachers plus the helpers? I just want an idea of what others give or have given in the past. Thanks.

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answers from Huntsville on

I don't know what your daycare is like, but at ours we have a Parent Advisory Council that meets monthly to discuss any issues and changes at the daycare. Then we also have a "room parent" for each room. Anyways, what we are doing is having a potluck lunch one day for all of the teachers and staff of the daycare. Room parents will send a letter to all the parents in their room asking them to bring a dish. The caregivers and staff always love it!

If you can't involve the whole daycare and other parents, maybe you could just bring lunch for your child's room caregivers? Talk to your caregivers about a day so that they won't make other plans for lunch. You could make a casserole or something.



answers from Tulsa on

I used to work at a daycare and I got alot of gift cards.I also got some stuff from Bath and Body Works. Like stated above, they do wash there hands alot and you can usually find alot of stuff on sale there. I would get the main teacher and include the helpers since they spend so much of there time with your little girl too. I hope the suggestions help.

Have a great holiday!

mom to a beautiful 2 1/2 mth old little boy!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Restaurant gift cards, Starbucks, candles- you can get good ones like Yankee Candle at Ross for cheap, (something they can actually use) are great. As much as teachers "love" the kids they teach, they don't necessarily want pictures of them, they see them everyday. Depending on what your spending limit is; I used to run a home daycare and one of the best gifts I received was a gift certificate for a pedicure. I still remember that gift to this day, it was wonderful. Some places only charge $20-$25 for one. Are the helpers there to assist the teacher or do they acutally assist the children, I think it would depend? When my child was in pre-k they had a classroom assistant and she was there to assist the teacher, i.e. errands, copies,etc. she didn't have much interaction with the children.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Last year was my first time to have to deal with babysitter gifts and I stressed myself out totally. I wanted to do a large gift card for my babysitter and her family to go out to eat on but just down right couldn't afford that so instead I went to Sam's and got a tower of assorted chocolates. It was 5 different sized boxes stacked and tied with a holiday ribbon. The family enjoyed them. This year I am sadly just as broke so I'm baking for her instead. I'm making oreo balls, christmas tree shaped brownies, cake balls, and choc. pretzels and putting them into a pretty box. I like doing food b/c everyone loves it and it's relatively cheap. You could do a big tray of assorted homemade goodies and I bet they would love having them to snack on. Good luck and Merry Christmas.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I am a SAHM but for my kids to give their teachers and Bible class teachers I used to give something nice from the dollar store, but now I give a nice inexpensive set from AVON. Since I sell it I get it at my discount anyway. Like a holiday handcream and chapstick. Or a glazewear lipgloss. Maybe a scented antibacterial soap and matching lotion. In a daycare they wash their hands a lot...specially in the diaper changing rooms! You can get a Naturals hand lotion, antibacterial and a moisture therapy chapstick altogether for less than $3. And its something she can always use!

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