Suggestions for Prenatal Exercise

Updated on July 15, 2009
A.B. asks from Simpsonville, SC
6 answers

I am newly pregnant (5 weeks) and am interested in staying healthy and "fit" during my pregnancy. I have read some information online about prenatal pilates among other things and wanted some feedback from other mothers who have exercised during pregnancy. I would like a DVD so I can do it at home at my own pace. Anyone have suggestions of a good DVD or a workout program that worked well for you during your pregnancies? Thanks for the suggestions

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answers from Columbus on

Good Morning A.! In regards to your comment on staying healthy whil you are pregnant. I am in a business that have garments that support pregnant mothers duing and after pregnancy. The first garment is called the maternity panty which comes in white, that range from a size XXS thru XXL and can be worn from the 3rd month of pregnancy until delivery. The second garment is called a postpartum girdle and is worn after childbirth. This garment assist with a speedy recovery after birth by encouraging the internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location. This garment comes in beige and range from size XXS thru XXL. To find out more information on these garments, please feel free to visit my website:, I hope this really helps... C. B



answers from Augusta on

I know that Denise Austin has a prenatal exercise DVD and she is usually good.
I also would highly recommend a water aerobics class. In Augusta, GA a local gym (Health Central) had a special program that was only $35 for the entire pregnancy and 6 weeks after to have full use of the gym. They had classes that I could make as low impact or high impact as I needed. I was able to find a class right after work and it had childcare for my first born when I was going during my second pregnancy. That was 8 years ago, now I think there are even more choices for prenatal water aerobics classes. The water aerobics was great for my joints (I had sciatic trouble) and it is supposed to get your body ready for an easier delivery. Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Columbia on

If you subscribe to Netflix you can rent a couple of those and find out which one you like. I did that, but still never found the time to actually work out during my second pregnancy. Good Luck!



answers from Spartanburg on

I loved the perfect pregnancy workout. it's by a cirque du soleil acrobat and really challenging. I think it was cheaper on their website (just google perfect pregnancy workout) than at You can adjust the level to make it easier or harder. you can also do it post pregnancy for a good workout. I did leisa hart's fit mama prenatal dvd also- definitely not as challenging but good for cardio and days that i wasn't up to the other one. I had never done yoga before and the yoga mama dvd just made me get sick (downward dog). good luck. remmber you can always just modify your regular workout dvds.



answers from Atlanta on

Check your local library for some prenatal exercise DVD's. This is a great way to see what you like before you buy or you could check out a different one each week for some variety. I did this when I was pregnant and it worked out great.

PS-I did like the Denise Austin prenatal workout that someone else mentioned in their response.



answers from Charleston on

I can't remember the pilates DVD I used - it was definitely a Prenatal one I bought at Target. It was pretty good - when I used it! If you can get into a class, I would go that route. A yoga studio near my home offers prenatal classes. I just find I am more accountable with exercise when I am in a class. I just had my 14 week appt. yesterday and my Dr. said I can keep jogging & exercising but not to get my heart rate over 145 BPM. So I guess just keep that in mind. Oh, my nurse said "walking does wonders - you never have to do anything fancy", what obvious, yet eye opening advice - LOL.

Have fun exercising!

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