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Updated on May 04, 2009
L.F. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi Mamas,

I'm taking a trip to Atlanta in June with my 23 month old and I am needing suggestions on what to bring with us to do on the plane. I am bringing the car seat on board so she will be strapped in that and I'm hoping she sleeps, but I seriously doubt she will. Last time we flew I held her as a lap child and then just got lucky that going and coming the seats next to us were empty so she just played (climbing up and down, sitting in the seat, whatever kept her busy). This time though I want to keep her strapped into her car seat so I need some suggestions on things to bring with us to keep her busy while sitting for 2 hours. Thanks!

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A couple of small new toys that she hasn't seen. Make sure you bring a small blanket for her because you don't want to use the ones on the airplane. (reused and reused) Also wear her out before the flight. Let her play hard so she will be tired for the flight. You might also want to bring an empty sippy cup and ask the flight attendant if they can put some apple juice mixed with water in it before the flight takes off. I helps their ears if they can drink during takeoff and landing.



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I took photos of family we were going to see and familiar people...we taped them to the seat in front of us. We also got a magnet toy that has the Dora or Princess that stick to the case magnetically...this was nice since the pieces did not fall due to sticking to the metal case. The girls love that! Finger puppets were a hit too.

I ordered a bagel sandwich when we were beginning to land and I fed her that the whole time and it worked like a charm, not so good without that on the way there though...the cup did not work since I had given her too many snacks and drinks during the flight...try to save them for the take off and landing....


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Here are some great suggestions:
1. mini-bubbles (the kind you get at weddings)
2. stickers- we stick them on the seat in front of us and they come off very easily
3. snacks- lots of them
4. books
5. puppets- I know this sounds weird, but I take the Baby Einstein bath puppets with me, and I put them on and it is like magic.
6. IF your child is into coloring, then there are those great Crayola coloring books that only work with the special markers that come with it.

Best suggestion, just relax. If she gets fussy, it's okay. People forget what it is like to fly with a little one. If you have a lot of options for your child, it will help.



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The car seat is key, keeping them locked in seems to work the best. We have flown a few times with my now 3 year old daughter, and as long as she is in her car seat she is wonderful. We also have my husband pre-board the plane, get the car seat, toys, etc all set up while me and my daughter play and run around. We then board last so that she can get all of the running out of her system and spends as little time on the plane as possible.

We usually bring new surprise toys that don't make it out of the backpack before we get on the plane. That way they are brand new. My daughter plays with stickers books, puzzles, watches tv on a portable DVD player, and we always bring a ton of snacks.

For the ear popping I either bring a sippy cup or a teething ring. Although my daughter is way to old for a teething ring it really helps her with the popping =)



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We just got back from a trip and my 10 month was strapped in the car seat. What I brought with me were some of his favorite books, small toys, and snacks. We unstrapped him for a short while and let him play on my lap. He did fairly well with eating snacks. Good luck.



answers from Tyler on

The last time we flew tih our almost twenty month old we took a portable DVD player. She likes Dora and Elmo so that kept her entertained for a bit. Also, I saw someone else already reccomended it but the Crayola markers that only mark on Crayola wonder paper is fun too. Good luck!!

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