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Updated on August 19, 2015
E.J. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My washing machine died and I need a new one asap. Someone asked the same question back in 2009 but with the technology changing so quickly i thought i would repost. The repairman that was here advised to stay away from LG and Samsung but i've heard good things about both? So any recommendations appreciated!

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So What Happened?

THanks so much everyone for the input. We ended up going with the SpeedQueen commercial washer top loader. Fingers crossed this baby goes for a long time!

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answers from Danville on

I am thinking of getting a couple of rocks...and finding a stream!

My top loading whirlpool is dying. I keep pliers handy, and assist it along. Waiting for the dryer to 'go' so I can replace the pair (as I save $$).

I have no helpful answers, but look forward to recommendations!


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answers from Albany on

I have a 7 year old bottom of the line Whirlpool top loader which gets very heavy use and has served me well.


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answers from Los Angeles on

We got a Commercial grade Speed Queen about 10 years ago.
Zero issues. It's a work horse!

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answers from Detroit on

Stay away from the pricy computer models! My repair man said to stay away from Whirlpool and Maytag, but Samsung was ok.

I had to replace my washer and dryer in 2014. The dryer was a 10 year old GE (loved it!) and I was more than happy to replace my poc Fisher Paykel (someone was out to repair that machine every other month and finally Lowes sent me a check for a new machine due to lemon laws and the machine not worth being fixed anymore.)

I did my research on Amazon, Lowes, and Home depots consumers views sites.

Spent almost a month "looking" and hesitantly chose GE top loader (had a GE washer before, and the transmission blew so this was another issue.) I do not like that the new "government mandated" energy star water savings feature because it does not fill up the tub all the way, so you will have to add water for bulky items. You do have to use special soap or the machine and hose will fill up with suds that back up the machine and cause it not to drain (sometimes have to drain the machine twice.) If you want to change cycles during a current cycle the whole tub drains and fills again (waste of water.) The only feature I do like; it gives me hot water and the machine will pause to let the water drain out (older homes pipes are not made for high power water draining pressure machines and cause flooding!!!)

Also most new machines are made for drains that are bigger and drain faster. If you have an older home this might be an issue. I ran into a problem with the drainage hose and it would not stay in the drain tub (flooded the floor twice.) Most new machines are made for "standpipes" (drain pipes that are in the walls of new homes connected to the sewer line.)

MAKE sure to purchased an extended warranty

The GE dryer is ok, not like my old one.

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answers from Washington DC on

very happy with my maytag centennial pair.
now very intrigued to hear about speed queen! i think i've found my next set, even though my maytags are still going strong. thanks, guys! :)

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answers from Norfolk on

My fridge just died, so in the process for shopping for a new one I also got a look at quite a few washers and dryers.
I was VERY happy to find that top loading washers with actual agitators are making a big come back!
It seems many have tried the newer washers and HATE them so much that there is a demand (and therefore a supply) of the washer I love!
There are quite a few brands to check out but before I buy anything I check out Consumer Reports and User Reviews.

Take a look at


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answers from New York on

Stay away from the computer board type machines!!! Very expensive to fix.

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answers from Wausau on


They make options for both top & front loading, with options of manual knobs as well as computerized controls.

Made in the USA, high quality, and they have excellent manufacturer warranties. 3 to 5 years for parts and in-home labor, plus extended times on certain parts.

You'll need to find an authorized dealer in your area using the website finder. They are not sold in big-box stores.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have a Maytag Centennial and like it. Got it from Sears. Don't feel like it needs more settings than it has. It's been a reliable machine. I also like that it's HE but a top loader.

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answers from Fayetteville on

We purchased a LG WaveForce W/D in 2011. We haven't had one single problem with it. I would purchase a LG again:)



answers from Las Vegas on

I'll be following this one also.

We're moving into our new house in the next few weeks, and I won't be taking the current washer and dryer with us.

Almost no one I know likes their front-loaders. I've stayed away from them and still have my top-loader, but it's about 8 years old now.

I've been looking a bit here and there, but there are so many options, especially now with top-loaders coming back.

Good to hear the advice about the models with computer boards, but I wonder if you can get anything but a basic model without the computer components?

Hope there will be even more input.


answers from Phoenix on

Do NOT get an LG! We had both washer and dryer several years ago. Never had a problem...until we did! Then it was a FORTUNE to fix it. Luckily we had a home warranty but even then, they had a hard time finding a qualified tech. They need special training. And once they finally found someone, we needed a part and it wasn't in stock locally. Then if they don't have it in stock in CA then it's shipped from Japan or Korea or somewhere. It freaking took a MONTH before we could get the dang thing fixed and then it was just problems after that. So THAT is probably why he said don't get one. People LOVE them until they have to fix them then it's hell. Good luck.


answers from Reading on

Following this one as I'm in the same boat. Two friends recommended this LG - Model: WT1101CW


answers from Lakeland on

I have 4 year old Kenmore elite and they work great, the regular Kenmore's work well too.

I have a top loader without the agitator in the center. It is computerized so I never have to set what size load it will put in how much water is needed.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We got the high efficiency top loader maytag about 6 months ago and like it a lot.

I got a lot of opinions before I bought and of those who had front loaders, almost everyone regretted it and said they wouldn't buy one again. So that's why I went with the top loader.



answers from Dallas on

Love my front loader LG. repairs are expensive now I think no matter what. Back in 2005 we bought a kenmore elite front loader and had number of issues it didn't make it to 8 years old but these days stuff just doesn't last



answers from Chicago on

I have the Kenmore oasis that I would NEVER purchase again. Too many repairs.



answers from Chicago on

My repair man gave me the same advise: no LG or Samsung. They have bad boards in them. He gave me this advise 5 months ago!

He told me to buy a Whirlpool top loader without a computer (whirlpool is actually samsung, i think, but as long as you don't have the fancy computer, the machine is good). Stay away from newer front loaders. I have a super expensive set. The repairs! It's back to basics, so says my repair guy.


answers from Dallas on

I have the LG model that Veruca mentions. I've had it and the matching dryer for almost a year now and have been happy with it. I miss my agitator, but I can fit bulky items in it that I couldn't before. The only drawback is how long the cycle takes, but you're going to have that problem with any of the HE washers now.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I love my Samsung dryer. A LOT. The washer is okay. I don't use special detergent or anything, just regular Gain powder, Clorox bleach or vinegar, and Downy.

I use hot water or warm water. I don't like how my clothes feel when washed in cold. They just feel like their coated with something.

I think the hot water and bleach that I use about once per week keeps the problems down with stink issues.

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