Suggestions for Hostess Gifts for Baby Shower

Updated on April 19, 2008
L.N. asks from Fort Worth, TX
6 answers

I am looking for neat ideas for hostess gifts. I'm wanting to spend around $40 - $50 for each gift. Any cute suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

Personalized notecards. I just ordered some for Mother's Day gifts and they arrived yesterday. They look great, come in a pretty box and were under $30. I also used a code to get free shipping.

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answers from Dallas on

Do something one of a kind and handmade. Try here:

They even have a little gift guide to help give you ideas from a few featured artists, it even includes a hostess section.

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answers from Dallas on

To piggyback on what Lisa said, I've found some cute things at I found this etsy site through a friend, and bought a couple of birthday gifts. My items shipped very fast, arriving about 2-3 days after I ordered, and there was very personal customer service. I got just what I wanted and the necklaces are so cute!

Another idea might be to get something personal to your hostess, like scrapbooking stuff if she's into scrapbooking, something that would look great in her house, or a gc for a pedicure if she loves that. I personally always appreciate any gift, but one that is personal instead of generic sends an extra-special message.

Hope you find the perfect thing!

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answers from Dallas on

When I had my daughter, I gave a cute charm bracelet to each of the hostesses. I'm a jewelry lady with Premier so naturally it came from there.....:o) It was cute as I put a picture of the hostess and myself in one of the charms. Or there's a necklace called Family Tree that has 3 charms that they can fill. It's a longer necklace so very in style now.

If you're interested, I can offer my Mamasource discount and give you 20% off of your order and have it shipped directly to you.

Congrats on your twins!



answers from Dallas on

assuming you mean that you want a gift for someone hosting a shower for you - I agree with the personalized note cards. There's an adorable card shop in Coppell (Tom Thumb shopping center at Beltline and MacArthur) called Petite Folie - they have a great selection, can make whatever you want and are very reasonably priced. You can get a basket and fill it with assorted stationary.
also try Sample House and Francesa's has nice jewelry. Those are the places I went when I had to buy gifts.
have fun shopping!!



answers from Amarillo on

My baby show had more than one hostess and they pulled their money together and bought a really nice stroller for my daughter. If you are the only hostess, you could buy an infant "backpack" carrier. I have one and absolutely love it! It used it all the time. Or, you could have the guest of honor go to some websites and make a baby registry that you could go back and get ideas from. I also did that. Then they can pick out exactly what they want, but the element of surprise is still there.

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