Suggestions for Date Nights with My Hubby?

Updated on January 16, 2008
S.M. asks from Omaha, NE
4 answers

My husband and I love to have date nights, but the dinner and a movie routine is getting a little boring. Any suggestions for fun and different things to do when we get to have some time alone?

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answers from Omaha on

I am so NOT a movie person. I like what the others have suggested. I may even check out the Muldoon's thing myself- It's just up the street and I am a Beauticontrol Consultant myself. Anyway. There is just WAY too much to do around Omaha that most of us don't utilize. Some are afternoon events- but there are many things for the night too. Maybe try something different on each date. Or you pick one week and your hubby the next. Have fun! Fremont dinner train is a little pricey- but a nice change too.



answers from Omaha on

Take dance lessons through metro, it's one night a week and a group setting. My husband and I did it a few years ago and it's really fun and we have a blast at weddings now!



answers from Fargo on

Something my husband and I used to do when we were dating was bowling. Another thing we just did this past weekend was a college basketball game. There's hockey, baseball, etc. Another thing you could try are dance classes (mix it up with "sporty" dates to keep it fair). Check the local paper, there's always something going on. Even just grabbing a cup of coffee or hot cocoa at a coffee shop...the smaller less "commercial" ones are great!



answers from Omaha on

Well since we both love date nights and we are both in the BIG O!, I'll let you in on some of our favorite spots.
My husband and I are huge kids when it comes to date nights. Sure we like the dinner and a movie, but we learned long ago... it gets old! So when we feel the itch to change things up, we scratch it with anything fun!

Summer time date nites:

~Putt Putt Golf followed by "whackin' some balls into the pond"...our favorite spot is Papio Greens (like 72 & Cornhusker (it is actually not ON cornhusker but about 2 lights south of Cornhusker)

~Baseball games... you know where the stadium is

~Batting cages

~the Zoo, it is SOOO different without the kids (still I think it isn't as much fun, but he likes to have my attention too!!)

~ a quick drive to Village Point for some walking (and shopping for me! We always stop into best buy for him... gotta keep it fair)

~Picnic dinners at ANY park, followed by a nice walk... talking is one of our favorite parts of date night, you would be suprised the amount of things you don't say in the day to day conversations!! (but I am sure you know that!!)

~a nice stroll downtown, I love the cobblestone (reminds me of my hometown) always nice to follow up with a carrage rid, but WE personally save that for VERY SPECIAL date nights, since it can be a little expensive

~Offutt AFB offers free concerts a lot, might be worth checking it out if you like music. Last year they had Josh Grason (I think? we were actually out of town, but I heard it was great)

Winter Time Date Nights (or even rainy nights)

~Muldoon's Pub (I'm not sure if you two are bar people, but this place isn't your regular bar. I love wed. nights cause it is ladies nite and the drinks are cheap, but the food is amazing, and in the back they have a little "setup" which has home based buisnesses like Mary Kay, BeautyControl, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, things like that... so it is like "going to a show, without the pressure of buying and for him there are sports on and pool tables (they have a website where you can check them out, but I don't know what it is) But they are located at 120th and W.Center (there is a strip mall there and they are to the side of Bakers (next to a golf place)

~there are some great local events going on all the time. If you can get a paper you will find great ideas! I know the Phantom of the Opera is coming at the end of the month (now there is a different spin on the dinner & a "SHOW" )

~ local HS football games, (it is always fun to cuddle up close on the stands.... takes ya back, as if you were in HS again!!! or forget the game, just go make out in the parking lot!! LOL.... there's the teen in you!!)

~bowling is a great one too, show off your silly side and knock down a few kingpins!!

~if you like dancing, sign up for a class, I think most of the colleges around here would have an arts section, maybe they have something if not... I bet they would know where to go!

~laser tag (we have been to SkateDaze, but we only went once. I had a good time.)

~if you like Music see if you can't find a local Jazz club or into comedy... a local comedy club. Find out what they got going on (might be suprised what you find) Some nights they might have not have a cover charge, that'd be when to try it out and if you get there and you hate can leave and if you love it, you just found a new spot!

~Grab some friends and go out together, who knows, that could end up being a night filled with tons of laughs and great memories!!

And I know it sounds cheezy but honestly, we have fun doing just about everything together and whenever we get a chance to be together, just the two of us, it really doesn't matter what we do. Some days the dinner thing, is just what the doctor ordered!!! :)

I hope I have maybe given you some ideas and good luck!

Happy date-nighting and Hey, if you find a super great spot... Let me know!!


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