Suggestions for a Stroller for My 7 Month Old Son!

Updated on March 10, 2007
J.L. asks from Glenview, IL
7 answers

I am looking for a good stroller to use with my 7 months old son, hes a big boy and I need a stroller that will sit str8 up and also recline if he needs a nap, and i also want one with a 5 point harness. Please someone suggest one for me!

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answers from Phoenix on

If you don't need a stroller that goes in and out of the car...The infinity by Icoo. It is exactly the same as the "rock star" stroller but about $400 less. It is a great city stroller because of the big wheels. It rules on sidewalks and you can steer with one hand. It reclines with one hand. It just does not fold very small. Below is a link.



answers from Chicago on

If you find one let me know. My 7 month old is 23 lbs. and has out grown his infant carrier. I use the convertible car seat, it is rear facing and reclines. It is hard to get rid of the carrier so early because they nap so well in it. I also use the Graco double stroller. The rear seat reclines. Although he wakes up when we get in and out of the car. My boys are 7 months and 20 months old. They are on different nap schedules so we have to get out during Sammy's (7 months) first nap or we never leave the house.



answers from Chicago on

Depending on whether you're looking for a lightweight in/out of the car stroller, or a serious walk, comfortable stroller, I have 2 suggestions.

Lightweight: I like the Inglensina Swift. ($120)

Comfortable: Zooper Boogie. ($240)

I have both of these and they both do a great job - but unfortunately, there isn't any single stroller that can do everything, I've found. (btw, the MacLaran Volo doesn't recline - which is why we decided on the Swift instead.)



answers from Chicago on

My youngest daughter recently turned one and is a little under 20 lbs. and I just transitioned her from her full size Graco Quatro to a Combi DX...this exct model

We LOVE it and it does sit up and reclines as well. It does NOT have a front tray for snacks and such, but it has a cup holder on the side of it for a sippy. Also, it is VERY light (under 12 lbs.) and folds into a little tiny tri-fold that has a strap on it so I can carry around with me (like on the train or such). It takes up no space in my minivan and is a breeze to operate. I highly suggest it.

Hope that helps!!




answers from Chicago on

I love my Maclaren volo and also bought it on craigs list for only $40. IT's so convenient, light and easy to use.



answers from Chicago on


We have the Jeep Stroller (the one with the steering wheel on it). Depending on what you are looking for, this may work out. It isn't necessarily lightweight (but not heavy either) but it is really easy to navigate on any terrain and it folds up easily. Also it is fun and it has lots of cupholders + a big basket on bottom.



answers from Chicago on

Are you looking for more of a lightweight stroller? The Maclaren Volo is a great one. You can find some good deals online. As for carseats I don't believe there are any that recline for safety reasons. Most convertible(your child will still need to rearface until a year) carseats have a five point harness. How much are you looking to spend, that makes a big difference. We have two Britax Marathons which run about 250(you can find them for 220 or so online). They are rated very high for safety and ease of use. If you are looking for something less pricey I have heard good things about the Evenflo Triumph.

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