Sugar Level of a 3 Year Old.

Updated on May 22, 2007
T.Z. asks from Scottdale, PA
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I've been worried about my sons sugar for awhile now and changed Doctors twice already because they done nothing about my worry. Well today we went to the New Doctor about it and they had him pee in a cup and sent it for testing. Well I went to my Aunts house and she tested his sugar. And here it is before he ate anything today it was 149 and after he ate it was 129. I know that it shouldn't be that high. I just so worried right now. He is always thristy, having to pee, and it smells bitter. I would say that today alone he pee like 30 times and thats alot. I'm just wondering what I can do to keep his sugar level down until we find out what is wrong. I hope someone can help me. I just can't see my boy go through anymore right now.

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I also have diabetes and they have told me it's not so much teh amount of sugar you eat it's the amount of carbs. Have him eat 6 times a day instead of 3. 2 carbs at breakfast, 1-2 carbs for a midmornign snack, 3 carbs at lunch and dinner and also 2 carbs at a midafternoon snack and an evening snack with 2 carbs. This has helped tremendously for me. I hope this helps a little bit.

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My Mom is a type 1 and I had gestational diabetes. A blood sugar over 200 is indicative of diabetes, so those blood sugars are not reason for concern.

If you want to watch the sugar anyway, beware of sugared juices and even too much milk. Combine carbs with protein to counter-act the sugar. Veggies are free, as are proteins (cheese, nuts, meats), but watch the quantities on fruits and things like crackers, etc.

I would definitely find a doctor who will take you seriously, but until you have a diagnosis I wouldn't be sticking him all the time. If his blood sugar goes too high, his breath will smell sweet.

Keep in mind that sugar is dumped in the urine so urine tests will read higher than actual blood glucose tests.



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that is way too high. If you test it again and it is that high I would take him immediatley to the ER and DEMAND that they check it out.

a normal fasting sugar is 40 to 90. Just watch how much sugar he is taking in, that includes dairy and carbs and even some fruits. You can research a diabetic diet online and get some suggestions for longterm dietary needs but getting the numbers under control first is the most important.

Good Luck!!!



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You might want to try a homeopathic doctor. They are usually more in tune with this kind of thing. You can also do some research on it online and see what they say. I'm glad you are trusting your instincts and not letting the docs push you around. You'll always know more than they do when it comes to your child.

Good luck.




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I have gestational diabetes. I know the one thing they will tell you if there are any issues with his sugar is to watch his diet. You want him to have 4-6 meals a day. (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and a snack). You want to make sure that each meal is pretty balanced. Also, you want to watch his carb intake and sugar intake. For instance, you don't want him to drink juice throughout the day. Juice is very high in sugar and it quickly goes into your blood. Try some of the flavored waters that are sugar free (I drink them and my almost 3 year old son loves them). Propel has a little bit of sugar but most of the others don't. Also, you want to try to watch which carbs he has. Some are higher on the Glucose Index than others. You can search online for some help with those. A book I found really helpful was the Sugar Busters diet. It helped me to change my diet a little so it was better balanced. It, also, helped me to figure out which carbs were better for me.

I'm not sure where the one person who sent you some glucose numbers got their information. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International listed the optimum blood glucose levels as: Before Meals 70-110 mg/dl; At Bedtime: 100-140 mg/dl. You can check their website at

I know for most people if your sugar levels go below 70 it is cause for worry because that is where most people start to feel the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Usually a before meal sugar is taken approximately 2 hours after having eaten your last meal or first thing in the morning. Please double check with your doctor where his glucose levels should be. Don't just take my word or this other persons. By all means, if you are overly concerned about those sugar readings, call your doctor back first thing tomorrow morning.

It does sound like your son is having symptoms that could be attributed to diabetes. But it could be explained by other things as well.

Try not to worry too much. You'll get the results back soon and then you'll know what to do. His readings the other day could simply be because he had had too much milk or juice too close to when you did the reading. They will both raise your sugar levels quickly.

I hope this helps and good luck with your son.



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Don't wait around. You need to take him to see a pediatric endocronolgist. I know it's scary, but if he should happen to have juvenile diabetes, you need to get it under control ASAP. I would even take him to the ER, you may get him to see a dr. quicker that way. I come from a long family history of diabetes, both juvenile and adult onset. Plus I am hypoglycemic. The normal range is usually 70 - 120, every person is different. If he is drinking a lot more than usual, it's normal to pee more frequently, but if I were you, I'd get him to see a dr. ASAP. For now control his carb intake, since carbs convert to sugar in the body. Have him drink more water. Juice has natural sugar in it and can cause elevations as well. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.



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Hi Brittany,

Your son has all the signs fo diabetes, has he been diagnosed? 149 is much too high for a blood sugar to be before eatting. I would take him to the ER or call your doctor and speak with who ever is on call and tell them everything. He can function at that level of blood sugar but most likely it will go up and that's when it can get dangerous. So in answer to what you can do to keep his blood sugar down until you can find out what is wrong, I'd say don't wait, do something now!!! Diabetes can be managed and your son will be fine, just don't let this go on any longer. Good luck, M.



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Avoid carbs until you get a treatment plan - including fruits, juice, cereal, anything starchy. Try to stick with vegetables, lean meats like chicken, tuna, turkey, etc. If he seems lethargic, his sugar may be low and that's when you need an instant pick-me-up like orange juice. Make sure he's getting plenty of water. Diabetics that are untreated really stress their kidneys. Also, make sure he's exercising - this helps the body use the natural insulin made by the pancreas more efficiently.

Next time you see a sugar level that high, take him to the ER if the doctor refuses to do anything about it. Whether you do or not, tell them there is a history of diabetes in your family - that will make them look at this harder.

Best of luck,



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I agree with everyone else about going to the ER next time you think he's too high. In the meantime, check out They've got pretty good info on just about everything that human bodies do and experience. Good luck and keep us posted!



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i am a diabetic and know what you are going threw. but your right that is to high for your son. or any child its going to be tough keep on them doc and don't back down. cut out as much sugar as u can offer lots of fruits and veggies for now and no candy but from what u are discribing he is diabetic and thats rough for a child and parents keep me posted on whats going on and if u want you can go to your local book store and get a dibetic cook book for children not sure who puts it out though