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Updated on April 25, 2012
R.D. asks from Cedar Hill, TX
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I am 28 years old, and suffering from severe panic attacks. Until recently I didnt even know thats what it was called. Ive been struggling with this since before I was a teenager. When I was scared or stressed I would hyperventilate, shake, vomit, and cry. I dont know why Ive never been to a doctor about it. I guess my parents never identified me as having a disorder. My entire family is pretty used to it now and although they mean well, they arent very helpful. These last 3 years have been extremely difficult for me and Ive experienced a big increase in the number of attacks. Im so stressed out over so many things that at times, Im overcome and can not function. This is horrble for me as I have a 6 yr old daughter who depends on me to be competant. Ive been told that all of my problems are fixable and given advice that doesnt help, but leaving your childs father, being fired for not working more than 60+ hrs /week, having to move across state lines twice in a 6 month period, going to court for custody of your child, (just to name a few) are all very rea,l very big problems to be dealt with. Simple advice is not going to help, and neither is telling me its all going to be ok.

Basically, I understand that life for everyone right now is hard and everybody has problems. But, I know that while many people have problems, most dont hyperventilate and vomit when the phone rings. Im starting to realize that this is not normal and I need help but I dont know where to turn or how to get help. I dont have insurance so talking to a therapist or getting medication is going to be difficult. I would like to a find a group that focuses on panic disorders or personality disorders maybe. Id just like to talk to someone who can relate to what Im going through. My parents are of the opinion that I need to "toughen up". Or they just get so frustrated that it sounds to me like anger. I know that they love me and just dont know how to help, but I need HELP. Im not sure where to turn or who to talk to, so I guess thats my question. Where can I go, or who can I talk to? I cant afford to pay a medical proffesional. I know that would be the best thing to do, but its really not feasable right now. I guess I just want to know where I can find support. Ive tried and google, to no avail.Thanks.

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answers from Columbia on

Have you tried googling "panic attack support groups"?

5 million results might be overwhelming, but the whole first page is nothing but good ideas.

ETA - you can lead a horse to water...

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answers from St. Louis on

I have anxiety disorder and when I'm not on medication I have frequent panic attacks and become extremely agoraphobic, so I understand your frustraition.

One thing that is hard for others to understand, but that YOU need to understand to be comfortable with yourself and your anxiety - it does not matter what the problem is. All of your problems are fixable? Does not matter to an anxiety stricken mind. You could be rich, the "happiest" person in the world, with nothing to do and nothing to stress about. But if you have an anxiety disorder or a tendency to have panic attacks, your mind will pick through the dust in the corner to find something to panic over. This is how it happens for me. I know my problems aren't big. I know I'm worrying about meaningless things (What am I going to wear tomorrow? Eat tomorrow? What if I get fired because I'm late to work?) but my mind won't let up.

It's not the problems, it's the way you think about them. For me, therapy was not a successful option. I'm on medication and it's helped me so much. I highly advise you seek a professional, go to a doctor or if you can go to a psychiatrist who can properly diagnose and treat you. Best wishes, message me if you would like to talk.

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answers from Chicago on

Please purchase "when panic attacks" by David Burns. you will find it an invaluable resource. It is set up for you to work through the exercises ON YOUR OWN, so you don't "need a counselor".

However..... know that if you can't afford a counselor - some have a "sliding scale" where they accept nothing or next to nothing. Usually the counseling center at a college or university is a good place to start.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

Just get in the phone book or call a church and find a therapist. The therapist can direct you to a psychiatrist for meds if necessary. Please call someone. No, this kind of thing isn't normal and you deserve answers. I'm SO sorry you are going through this, but be proud of yourself that you are reaching out for help. You are a good mother to be concerned about how this affects your daughter. She deserves the BEST you. There IS help out there, just call someone.

Best wishes to you!!

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answers from Dallas on

Contact a local mental health clinic - you can let them know of your financial/insurance situation and they may be able to help as well. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi friend! I just recently got help for my anxiety and I feel so much better. I too don't have any kind of insurance and didn't know who to turn to. However I did remember that at my kid's school there is a family therapist. I spoke to her and she gave me about 4 different phone numbers to local groups and help lines in my area. I got in contact with these 2 wonderful women who work with moms dealing with post partum depression and anxiety, they helped me sooooooooooo much!! I feel....50% better i think :) So my suggestion would be, go to your daughters school and ask them if they have a school phsychologist or therapist that you could talk to. Most schools do, and I'm pretty sure that person can link you to some free resources. I'm sorry I dont have more advice, but it's something you could try. Best of luck! *hugs!!

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answers from Dallas on


It's close to you. It takes a while to get in, but I believe they take walk ins.
Services are on a sliding fee scale and may even be free, including meds. For your immediate need, but some Bandryl capsules. Take one when the panic starts before it gets ahold of you.

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answers from Columbia on

I don't know what your beliefs are, but there are LOTS of free Christian counseling services in your area. Seriously...Google it and start making calls.

You need professional behavioral therapy in order to learn coping mechanisms. Some medication might help too...but again, you need a professional to help you make that decision.

Perhaps you could start here:

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answers from Dallas on

The generic is $4.
Any physician will change you about $100+ for an exam and they will prescribe this for you.
I also highly recommend
The generic is $4.
Now here is the tricky part:
My Dr. prescribed me 20 mg of Paxil and to start with 10 mg.
I cut that pill up so tiny I was only starting out with 2.5 mg and I was getting the side effects of sudden headaches and brain "zaps"
but trust me, they go away. Give me a headache ANY DAY over a Panic attack.
Second tricky part:
Smallest dose of Xanax is .25
I snap that in half and it takes the edge off.
It just basically makes you feel better, more relaxed.

I have been on Paxil since May of 2008.
I have played around with my dosage
Taken it up to 40 mg (suicidal, depressed, manic)
30 mg (depressed, still manic)
Down to 10 (starting Panic attacks again)
I let my Dr. know what I am doing and I do it VERY GRADUALLY.
I have found that 20 mg keeps me happy, healthy and safe.

If you need more help just find me on facebook




answers from Dallas on

I just came across a web site for people who don't insurance.Go to Look for Community Health Centers. There is information where to go. Also check out the site there may be other options.Good Luck. A.



answers from Phoenix on

All of the answers are great!

First, get some books on panic disorder from the library. Read them, understand panic and I can assure you this alone will help. NOT a cure by any means, but its a step.

You need to see a therapist. If that is not an option at all...go see a regular dr. They can prescribe medication and some are just $10 or less a month without insurance.

Im not telling you to get meds....and if I had to take them it would cause me more anxiety (yes, I have anxiety about taking new meds....ahh!) but it is an option.

Good luck. I know how debilitating they can can get through this! It may never go away...but it can get better!

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