Sudden Rash or Welts That Come and Go on My 14 Month Old Girl .........

Updated on October 29, 2010
V.F. asks from San Diego, CA
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My 14 month old daughter had stomach flu with NO fever .. just the runs...for the past 2.5 days. she seems better now but as of yesterday... she suddenly started getting hives or welts and little bumps that come and go within a few minutes. 3 triplets at her daycare had rashes last week like this.. their mom gave them benadryl.

she has never had reaction to food or anything in the past like allergies.. so not sure if this is from the virus from the stomach flu.

i heard you can break out like this with a stomach virus.. anyone hear of this or had this happen to your child??




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So What Happened?

Hi guys,

You are all so sweet. I am new to this site and think it is great. How awesome you all took time to write me. Tomorrow I will take Giselle to the doc and see what they say. I never talked to the triplets mom as the daycare front office said they do not discuss other kid's personal things (Okaaayy). I guess if it is something major.. then they send out a notice to all parents. But the teachers in the room she is in said that two of the three triplets had hives for 2-3 days.

Giselle is just getting over stomach flu though and so I think it must be from this. She had the worst runs I have ever seen her do before and she is still having bad gas. She is in good spirits though. Tonight when we picked her up from day care she had just gotten over some welts or hives and then ..poof.. they were there again. .. then poof gone.. then there again (always in different spots). She did have her year shots about a month ago.. not sure if that is it. Also, she had a nasal infection and was on 5 days of antibiotics last week. Then stomach flu this week with no fever. Who knows. I have a dog and cats but she has never had a reaction to them or food or anything before. Seems too much of a coincidence that she just had stomach flu or a virus.

I will see what the doc says in the morning. Sheeesh.. always something to worry about. :0 Thanks so much you guys!!

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Has she had an immunization recently? My 19 month old daughter had the same thing last month shortly after her immunization for MMR. But the red bumps lasted for a few days. That's the only thing i can think it was from because she didn't have any different foods or anything.

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Kids get the weirdest stuff, and most of it turns out to be viral. I'd give the dr a phone call and just ask. They often know if something funky is going around and what you can expect from it.

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Try googling red bump rash infant, then click "images" on the upper left. See what looks closest and there should be a name or article.

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You know what? We have been dealing in our family with a bizarre virus that hit all of us differently. Hubby got it in the chest mostly, 2 kids got sore throats and one bout of diarrhea, one had a weird rash on his upper body for days that looked like heat rash, I broke out in hives in the middle of the night two days ago and have minor congestion, and our 16 month old had 7 days of off/on diarrhea, vomited once on day 5, and now has 3 red bumps under her eye! So, yeah, I think the welts could be viral related.
One of my kids once got a CRAZY rash where he had red circles on his feet and legs that looked like froot loops (except they weren't raised). It wasn't impetigo and the doc said it was probably a reaction to a virus.
BUT, you also mentioned your daughter had been on antibiotics last week. They destroy the gut flora, and she needs probiotics now. That could be causing the diarrhea for her more than anything. Try Babydophilus powder from Jarrow brand. You can get it at Henry's or Whole Foods.

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Hi V.,

My 2 year old son recently had a bad cold and cough. A few days after he seemed better he got a rash all over his tummy and keeps telling me he is itchy.

I don't have a definite answer for you but I have read that it is quite common to get a rash/hives/bumps after a viral infection. There was just a thread about this on Mamapedia the other day and the mom's responded that they had gone to the doctor who confirmed it's normal after a virus.

Some used benadryl and some didn't. I think it should go away in 2-3 days. At the moment we are just using plain lotion but I might give him a collodial oatmeal bath tonight to soothe his skin. Good luck!

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I'm not totally informed in this area.
However, it seems to me that welts like this
are usually because of an allergy or sensitivity,
either to something in the environment
or to something that has been eaten.
Did the triplets' mom tell you what she thought was causing the welts?
Or did she just treat the symptoms w/Benadryl?
I wonder if DD's bout w/stomach flu might have made her
more sensitive than usual to . . . . a fabric? plastic?
some particular food?

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Sounds like it may be a vaccine reaction too. If this were my child, I would get Dr. Robert Sears book, The Vaccine Book, and take it seriously and get only the ones that were absolutely necessary and space them out. I would add in probiotics to her diet and start watching for food reactions. The big ones are eggs, soy, wheat, dairy, yeast.

When you tie in vaccines, Tylenol, antibiotics, being sick, poops not right, be watchful. This is the immune system in overload and something is not going right. Tylenol puts the gluthathione production on hold for up to 22 days and this is one of the main things that makes the immune system work. Another thing you can do is get her out in the sunshine or give her some Vitamin D3 - it comes in drops.

Another book to get is Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock

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