Sudden Nose Bleed for 2 Year Old

Updated on February 04, 2007
N.H. asks from Kaneohe, HI
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When I picked up my son from day care today, they told me his nose had just started bleeding out of the blue for about 20 minutes. He was sitting at a table playing with toys (nothing that could hurt him) and his nose started bleeding. It finally stopped, but there was no reason for it to start. It's quite humid in Hawaii, so it's not dry-ness. He doesn't have a cold or anything right now. Anyone think I should worry or have advice? Thanks! (BTW, he's 2. No history with mommy or daddy with this as children, but my brother and father both had the problems.)

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So What Happened?

It hasn't happened again, since, but I also found out it does run in the family on my husband's side. So, I will resolve to not be too worried about it unless he's gushing blood. And yes, i think his fingers have found the nose holes more often, of late, so I am keeping an eye on that too. It's too humid in Hawaii to be dry, but you never know. Thank you so much everyone! It's hard dealing with these things AND my husband being deployed!

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I used to work in a daycare where this one boy would also get nose bleeds.. if you roll a piece of paper towel up and put it under his upper lip and hold it there for a min. the nose bleed will stop.. dont tilt head back because blood can drain down throat.. and cause him to choke on it..

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Hi Nicole, my daughter just had two incidents lately and she was just playing buy herself then all of a sudden her nose started to bleed. then at school. but we also live in Alaska but the doctor told us its not uncommon for this to happen. I asked him was it because we are now living here and he said no, it can just happen for no reason. but if she were to start having alot of them then it would be alarm for concern. I would just watch him and go from there.



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Right now, with all the cold weather, the air is VERY dry. This causes a lot a nose bleeds. I wouldn't worry too much, but do keep an eye on the situation. If he gets any more you could speak to his doctor to make sure its nothing serious. My family and I get them when the weather is like this and in the hot dry days of summer as well.



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Hi N.,

This can be cause by the dry weather. Your son's nasal passages could be dry and cracking. There are two things that I have done in the past. First, up his water intake and two there is a solution that you can get at Rite Aid or CVS called Oceana (I think). It is saline water in a nose spray. You can find it with the other nose spays. This will hydrate his nasal passages.

Hope this helps.



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any history of it in your family could pass to your kids. i used to get mystery nose bleeds, i never had any health conditions. my son gets them sometimes too. I don't think the nosebleed itself is any concern, but you might want to get some more info on the time. 20 minutes is a pretty long time, was it heavy or light bleeding? i would just suggest keeping an eye out for any recurrances.



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It runs in my family to have nose bleeds out of nowhere. My daughter pickes hers until it bleeds but my grandma used to wake up with nosevleeds all the time; I do to too but have'nt in a while. I would'nt think anythign of it. sometimes your body just has to let fluids out and if comes out as a nose bleed, just be thankful it stops. I don't think the day care did anything to him becuase kids like to tell mommy what bad things happend to them at day care. if your son is not a talker, make it a routine to ask him what he did today at day care when you get in the car. also don't belive everything they say. sometimes my daughter will say stuff that scares me but if you ask more questions or the same question backwards you'll see that it's just a story.



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Hi N.,
I have an almost three year old that always has his finger up his nose...a friend told me that her son had a lot of nose bleeds from the same action!!! So far, I just tell my son to get his finger out and he does. Luckily we haven't had any nose bleeds but it's important to keep their nails trimmed, just in case! Good luck, L.



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I was a child with frequent nosebleeds. I went to the doctor and no results, everything was "fine". But ultimately they had me keep a diary of nosebleeds and the causes of them etc.
I was 5 when they finally decided to cauterize the inside of my nostril on one side.
So I think if it is something frequent, or if they last more than 15 minutes you should consult your doctor and ask about the need for cauterization...



answers from Bakersfield on

Hey Nicole,

Have you checked out allergies? My baby (who is now 34) has been having nose bleeds the majority of her life. She would usually wake up with blood on her pillow. I took her to the doctor and they could give me no reasons execpt maybe I needed to check her pillow for dust mites, feathers or whatever. I would be interested in knowing how you treat them. What is his diet? Green vegetables with vitamine A like spinach, brocolli, kale, and the likes allows the blood to clot easily. This might help. Plus you can always talk to a pediatrician about what condition his over all health is in and that might give you an idea of what he may need to stop the nose bleeds.

My baby still has them but not as much as when she was a baby. She has children of her own who don't have nose bleeds so her's is not hereditary either (I rarely if ever have any). Good luck, when you get this all taken care of drop another line so you can pass it on the rest of the folks. R.



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I don't have that much experience with nosebleeds in kids, but my husband gets them a lot. I made him go to the doctor a few years ago (you know guys, they won't go on their own!), and his doctor said there was nothing wrong with him. I was worried about weird diseases or something, but he was fine. I guess some people just get nosebleeds for no apparent reason! Also, my step-brother gets nosebleeds a lot, and his doctor said he was fine too.
I would say if it turns into a frequent occurence, I would get him checked out. It's better to be safe than sorry!
I hope that helps!



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sometimes the vessels are just closer to the surface and very thin membranes and this can happen my son had to have a vessel cauterized when he was 3 because he had nose bleeds almost every other day and it just increased as he got older.If it continues have the doctor take a peek. Good luck



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I had numerous nose bleeds when I was really young, (about once a week and would last for 10 min to an hour). They would just start without any reason. The doctors told my mom to give me Jello regularly because the gelatin helps the blood coagulate. When I was about 7 or so I had surgery to remove an extra tooth that had grown up near my nasal passage. It was fairly simple, (I still remember it). But since that day I haven’t had more than a handful of nose bleeds, (20 years). This is probably not what is wrong with your son. If the weather is dry sometimes even scratching or rubbing your nose can irritate a blood vessel, causing bleeding. I wouldn’t worry too much unless this becomes an ongoing problem. If he continues to have bleeding, I’d take him to a doctor and have them check him out. I hope this helps.