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Updated on January 21, 2014
M.M. asks from Fresno, CA
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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Monday morning so far! I am writing today because I am going to apply for a job at the school my daughters attend. I am applying for the after-school program and it will be a substitute teacher para professional position. I am currently in school now in the Liberal Arts program to become a teacher which is my goal of course. I just wanted to see if anyone here has had experience with this. It will be my first time applying and I need to write a Formal Letter of Interest and need to update my Resume. I have been in the furniture manufacturing business for the past 7 1/2 years and looking forward to the change. Now I do spend much of my time at the school by volunteering and now I am a new leader for the girl scouts on campus. The Principal and Vice Principal are very supportive of me as a Mother and a Student myself. I know I most likely will get the position since I was personally asked by the Principal. However, I still want my record on paper to be very professional. I am going to research online but I figured I would ask here first for anyone who has any true experience with this. Maybe applying yourself or if you were the one hiring. I would surely appreciate any information given here and take everything into consideration. I thank you in advanced and wish everyone a great Monday!!! God bless you!

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answers from Chicago on

How wonderful! I have been doing this for awhile, both as a sub and parapro and my background is also unrelated. Well, my certifications. My real background is definitely related going back to raising my children who are in their twenties and 12 plus years as a sub and additional ones as a parapro. Whenever I filled out forms or wrote letters I included my background (a B.A. in Communications and a certificate in paralegal. In both cases it was always told to me that it definitely shows that you have the stick to itness to follow through. Next you clearly have experience with children, volunteering is very important! And do not derail how important a mother's work is. Include it all, just be concise and somewhat brief as no one really wants to spend fifteen hours reading about the time you were able to tame the dog next door so it wouldn't jump on your daughter's lemonade stand. Well,maybe they would. Who knows. Since you were already asked you definitely have a one-up there, so enjoy that part of it. And good luck! Sounds like you got the job. Don't worry about this initially people spend lifetimes updating and reviving resumes and teachers go through certification and recertifications all the time

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answers from Kansas City on

Congratulations! I think you are wise to submit a formal letter of interest.

Of course you need to include your work in the funiture manufacturing business, but also include how this experience will come into play with your new position, i.e.: able to manage many projects at the same time, etc.

But... also include your volunteer work at school and be specific. Include your leadership role in Girl Scouts and describe planning for meetings, the number of girls that you manage and the projects that you do. Just because you are not 'paid' for it doesn't mean that it is menial and not resume worthy!

I am a teacher and paraprofessionals are play such an important role in education- you will find this job to be very rewarding! Good luck with the job and with school. You have a lot going on right now!

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answers from Honolulu on

Since you are in school with the end goal of becoming a Teacher... doesn't your school's curriculum require an Internship?
Which means, student-teaching at a school.

For an after school program, will this add, to your requirements for your degree?
Or do you just need employment experience, per your resume, for your hope of getting a teaching degree?

List down any experience/volunteering you have done, with children.
And get, "Letters Of References" from any Teacher/group/organization that you volunteered, for. And get, References too, so that the after school program organization can do reference checks per what you have listed, on your Resume.
And get Reference letters, from any school Administrator, too.
TELL them.
This is all needed for your resume submission.

Now: I work at my kids' school. I am school staff, as well as a Substitute Teacher. I have a Bachelors Degree and experience working with kids. THUS, I was able to get a job, AT the school.
And I fulfilled any course work for it and took any needed exams and got my certifications for any said job, that I wanted, at the school.
I did my research.

Per my kids' after-school program... this is not a "Teaching" position. It is basically, supervising.... kids, after school. They don't call it a "Substitute Para Position" per my kids' after school program. It is not the school... that does it. It is an outside contractor, that puts on after school programs, at the public schools, in my city.

Again, the school that you are attending, should have a school Guidance Counselor, and resources and a list or organizations or schools... that their students can do Internships at. It may be paid positions or not. And it can go toward your degree or not.
So find that out.

I have been at both ends of applying and hiring.
You need to have a good resume.
Your resume is a "history" of your employment... history. And of any degrees you have, and of what your completed education background is.

You need to have References, and, reference letters, at the ready.
Which means, TELLING those that you want references, from. So that they know... you are applying for a job. AND that, IF they are called as reference checks for your job and per your resume, they are ready to, vouch for, you.


answers from Houston on

Congrats. You have the job. Concentrate instead on keeping the great impression by creating some fun games for the kids.

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