Stye in 23Month Old

Updated on June 24, 2008
M.P. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Okay my 23month old developed this small lump in his upper inner eyelid about a 6weeks ago. It doesnt seem to bother him and i thought it would just go away on its own. Well about 2 weeks ago he starting waking up in the morning with crusty eyes. My husband thinks its allergies, but he doesn't have the sneezing or itchy watery eye type symptoms. In my opinion it kinda resembles a stye. Im calling the pediatrician on Monday, but just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar experience???

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your advice!!!! Pretty much in a nutshell the pediatrician said there was no infection in his eye. Little ducts in the corner of his eyes get dry at times and the Crusty stuff was related to allergy symptoms. But he did give me a prescription for eye drops. Of course by this morning, the lump had already started to go down and the crusting wasn't nearly what it had been over the past 2weeks, so needless to say it had already begun to get better on its own, but it never hurts to have things checked out. Thanks again to all!!!!

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answers from Austin on

my son just had one. the pediatrician said warm compresses and if it doesnt clear up i could put some erythromycin (i had some for his other eye for a blocked tear duct) ointment in it. It cleared up in a couple of days.

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answers from Wheeling on

I was going to suggest hot compresses, but I see that's been said. (I guess I'm reiterating it! LOL) It helps the infected (or cystic) 'pocket' to come to a 'head' and (hopefully) burst, whether inside the eyelid or outside.



answers from Raleigh on

My son who is 24 months had the crusty eyes on 2 separate occasions. The first time it was an eye infection, because it keep coming in his eyes throughout the day. And he had to get a prescription for it. The second time was recently, and it only was there a couple of morning when he woke up. The doctor said it could have been allergies or because he had a bad cold. But, I would take him to the doctor anyway to be sure.



answers from Louisville on

do you know if the crusty stuff is coming from the bump??? i think you are right on about the sty but call the doc :)



answers from Charlotte on

It could just be a stye (may be misspelled). I'd get them All the time. It would be a bupm in the eye and them pop and get goo in the eye. Sounds gross but bothing came of it. I just got them every now and then. But it's always good to check with the ped. like ur doing. Hope i helped.

V. (SAHM of Two)
(Unique Candle Creator)



answers from Asheville on

Dear M.,

I notice that you are a first time mom, but I'll ask what others have asked. WHY have you waited so long?? There are many conditions that can affect the eyes, and stye is just one, pink eye or allergies are others.
I hope you get it looked at immediately and in the future, most pediatricians would rather have you "over-react" and bring the baby in to be looked at, than to let something go for an extended period of time.
Let us know what you find out.

D. in NC



answers from Louisville on

Hi M.-
I imagine your guess would be right, it also sounds like he has a case of bacterial conjunctivitis which can be treated with antibiotic eyedrops. Hope he feels better soon! J.



answers from Huntington on

Why on earth would you wait 6 weeks to call a pediatrician? Just because it's not bothering him doesn't mean there is nothing medically wrong!!!!!!



answers from Memphis on

why haven't you called the pediatrition before now? Although the lump did not seem to be bothering your 23month old it is in the eye area. You are right not to worry over evey lump or bump but some areas are worth getting a take on, even if it's just a phone call and not an actual visit.



answers from Memphis on

Hi M.! It sounds to me like, he might have the pink eye. I say this because of him waking up with a crusty eye. Let us know what the doctor said , that is , if you have time. Take care and love him dearly.............R.
Also an old trick my mother use to use, was to scrape a potota and put it on a rag and tie it around the head and place on the eye at nite when he is sleeping. Will brind what ever to a head where you can deal with the problem!!!! I always hated it, but it did work.....LOL



answers from Nashville on

When my little girl got a stye the doctor did give me some medication to put on it, but we didn't use it. All I did was hold a warm wash cloth on her eye while she was in the bath tub. I believe I did this for a few days before it went away.



answers from Louisville on

My son has gotten what are called chalazion cysts in his upper eye lids. This could be what your son has but it could be something else too. Chalazion cysts are caused by clogged eyelash ducts...oil/dirt can build up in those ducts and cause a cyst to form. Putting a hot compress on the eye can help. Also to prevent them from happening we have to wash his eyelids very well with water/baby shampoo. If left untreated, they sometimes require surgery. We had to have surgery twice for my son's cysts.

Whatever the case is, he may need to see a pediatric opthamologist.

I hope you find out what it causing the lump and can treat it soon.



answers from Memphis on

Hi M.,
When my daughter was really small she developed one also and what worked for us was first thing in the mornings go in and use a really warm wash cloth and put it over his eye. It will help with the pain and the discharge from it.
hope this helps!
Good Luck!!
J. Z

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