Stuttering in 3 Year Old Grandson

Updated on July 10, 2015
K.L. asks from Woodburn, OR
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We have legal full guardianship of our now 3 year old grandson. He has,been with us full-time for almost 2 years. He is very bright, and we'll adjusted considering all he's been through. He has started stuttering at times, since his last parental visit. Everything I have read, and even his Dr, say it's fairly normal at this age often with boys. We never experienced this with any of our kids, and I'm concerned. Any others experience this?

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So What Happened?

Seeing his neurologist next week for recheck, and have already brought this to his attention. He didn't seem concerned. No stuttering yesterday! We have been ignoring it, so maybe thats helping, too!

We saw his neurologist yesterday, and of course there's been NO stuttering for several days. He wasn't concerned whatsoever, and feels he is of above average intelligence and skill wise. He said he seemed happy and well adjusted considering all he's been through the past 2 years!

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answers from Boston on

Ditto on early intervention evaluation through the town. Costs nothing. You'll either qualify for services, or it will be determined that it isn't necessary. Either way, you'll feel better.

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answers from Springfield on

It is very common, but if you are concerned you can call your local school district and request an evaluation (no charge). I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that Early Intervention is birth to 3, and once the child turns 3 you have to talk to your local school district.

My 6 year old son has been receiving speech services since he was about 2 1/2 (insurance paid for a speech therapist). I took him to our local school when he turned 3, and he began receiving services there. He wasn't a stutterer. He was a late talker and had some articulation issues. He'll be in 1st grade in the fall and is doing great!

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answers from Chicago on

My son (11) started stuttering at age 5. Intervention at age 6. He will be a lifetime stutterer.

Daughter started stuttering at age 2. EI intervened and she received services until she aged out. She still qualified for services at age 3 and received them through the school district. Stuttering disappeared 7 months later. That was about 3 years ago, and it has not returned.

I was told that it disappears more so in girls then boys.

Our school district has screenings for Speech Therapy, Occup. Therapy, Phys. Therapy and such quarterly. Open to anyone in district, no referral needed.

If it would make you feel better call your school district and ask about the process and have him screened.

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answers from Miami on

I recommend that you have his ped refer you to a speech pathologist who works with stutterers of this age. You need an evaluation. It is extremely important to do this now. The eval will help you know how to proceed.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, m friends son stuttered a lot at 3. At 5? Not at all. I read about it, and it is very common, and they outgrow it with no intervention needed.



answers from Washington DC on

If you want a 2nd opinion, you can contact the local early intervention office. Remember there is a wide range of normal in speech, as with other developmental milestones.



answers from Scranton on

Hi K.,
We have an eight year old little girl. She stuttered for a while. She grew out of it. We were told she was thinking of too much at one time and couldn't get it out like she wanted to.We would tell her to slow down when she wanted to tell us something. This seemed to help and we didn't make a big deal out of the way things were coming out. Your grandson should be fine. Good luck and God bless.



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter picked up a phase of stuttering around 3 years old. I brought it up to the doctor who didn't seem too concerned. Eventually it went away within perhapsh 6 months or less.

It is good to keep an eye on it, but not get too alarmed. I think we did a little bit of coaching when it happened, so if she stuttered, we just told her to relax. I think at 3 years old, one can get pretty worked up with just about anything.

Trama can cause a lot of issues and I am so glad your grandson is in a much better place. Our daughter stuttered coming from a 2 parent home and she spent 5 days a week with other children. Sometimes it just happens.



answers from Des Moines on

I too think it's normal. I think at this age their brain can go faster than their mouths....and it just gets a little delayed/mixed up. Experienced this with 2 of my 4 kids (both boys).



answers from Miami on

I have two boys, 9 and 4. My 9 year old stuttered bit around 3-4 but he did indeed outgrow it by kindergarten. It wasn't much, just occasionally having trouble getting a word or two out. Our pediatrician said to be patient with him, not to call attention to it and he would outgrow it. She was right.

My 4 year old is now doing the same thing. A bit more difficult as his 9 year old brother is NOT patient and does make fun - but I am working on it and sure it will be same as older one.

You can get speech evaluation from your public school - even at 3 and 4.

Good luck!

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