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Updated on January 30, 2011
L.L. asks from Austin, MN
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New microwave, only about a month or two old. Got it for Christmas from the folks, so of course, we donated our very old but still very adequate microwave to the Salvation Army.

This stupid microwave shot sparks right from the beginning...and stupid me for ignoring it, but I didn't have the receipt or box or anything (lesson learned.)

Now, this morning, while trying to microwave breakfast taquitos for my daughter (don't raise your's a weekend treat, not an everyday thing! hee hee) the thing just sparked and burnt out. It still runs (like, you can hear the fan) but it no longer heats my food.

I have a baby in the house and a school age child that occasionally wants her taquitos or easy mac or whatever it is, and I use a microwave almost every day, to heat veggies or warm leftovers!!! The thought of using the oven/stove for such quick things makes me sick! And of course we can't afford a new microwave.

Anyone else ever have this happen with a microwave? I have never seen this old microwave never sparked (or burnt out for that matter.)

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So What Happened?

Walmart took it back, no receipt or box, without question (actually, it was quite pleasant, since a teenager was working the service counter and they seem to be more polite about returns.)

I didn't want to get the same one, so they let me exchange for a different one...I was due money back, which had to be a gift card because I had no receipt. Also, they would not issue me a receipt for the new one, since I didn't have a receipt for the old one. Still, I got a new microwave!

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answers from Glens Falls on

Do not use it - a broken microwave is very, very dangerous. Take it back to the store your folks bought it from even if you don't have a receipt

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answers from Portland on

You can go to or call the company and tell them it was a gift and tell them what happened and they should give your money back or get you a new microwave. Did you hook it up properly?

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Call the manufacturer of the microwave. There should, at the very least, be a label on it somewhere with the manufacturer and make and model number. Explain to them what happened. If they're a decent company, they should either offer to replace the microwave or send you a voucher toward another one.

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answers from Houston on

find out where the folks got it you should be able to exchange christmas presents in january

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answers from Minneapolis on

i would call the manufacture of the microwave-skip walmart-go directly to the source-play hard ball with them-this darn thing coulda burnt down your house.and theres not a dang thing wrong with nukin stuff...get a reimbursement or a new one..good luck

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answers from Dallas on

I'd ask my parents for help exchanging it first. If they don't have any history of the purchase (canceled check, credit statement, original reciept,, etc.) or they live too far away to help, I'd contact the manufacturer. We have discovered that many companies are willing to work with you on these kinds of matters. They will tell you where it can be exchanged, repair it or possibly send you a new one. It can't hurt to talk to them.

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answers from Chicago on

What is the brand and model? Most of them have a one year warrenty w/out the recipt even b/c of the serial number they can track it ... I would start lookin online for the company and thier warranties before going much further.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Check with your parents for a receipt. They should be able to do it for you if they have a receipt or bought it on a credit card. Sounds like you got a lemon. Sometimes you can we got one that acted up, but not that sparked.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Is your Microwave a Magic Chef? Mine did the same thing, only on the popcorn button. If you pressed 3 min it worked fine, but if you pushed the popcorn button it would sound like you started the garbage disposal and throw sparks and a little fire. Very scary for my 12 year old who so badly wanted a bag of popcorn.

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answers from Appleton on

Call around to retail stores in your area and find out who carries the brand. Ask if they will exchange the defective one for a new one without a receit. When a retailer gets a defective item returned they send it off to the manfacturer and get a replacement, so the store doesn't lose out. If you can't find a store to exchange it then contact the manufacturer, they should replace it with no hassels. However you will have to pay to ship it back.

One point about microwaves: Microwaves destroy the vitamins in your food. You only use them to re-heat food not to cook in.

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