Stuffy/cold with Air Travel Soon

Updated on September 17, 2007
T.F. asks from Two Rivers, WI
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My 2½-year-old son has a stuffy, runny nose and sounds pretty congested, and we have a trip scheduled in a few days, traveling via airplane. I started cold meds ASAP with Children's Vicks, vapor bath, etc. Just curious as to any other remedies which may accelerate him getting over this cold and congestion before we fly or maybe things that really work and a 2½ year old would do to make air travel easier if he isn't yet up to par in the next few days before we leave. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your VERY timely responses! I plan on scheduling both kids for an appointment with their physician or even at Urgent Care on Monday, two days before we will fly. Thank you all for the good wishes!

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answers from Eau Claire on

One big thing is to dress him warmer than you need to right now while you are trying to get him better. His immune system will work faster if it doesn't have to work extra hard to warm the body. Then in addition to cold remedies try a vitamin or old fashion chicken soup and other hearty foods.



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We just went through the very same thing with our 2.5 y/o this early August. She is prone to horrible sinus infections/ear infections so we were going to fore-go the flight all together if we couldn't see improvement. But Children's Benedryl is a miracle drug. We get her the chewables and crush it and mix it with chocolate pudding. She never knows it's in there. Often we only give her 1/2 to 3/4 of a 5mg tablet and it does the trick. It dry's her up and she rests much better. We have been able to elude the dreaded sinus infection/ear infection since we have been doing it. I would never condon giving this drug without cause but since our pedi. gave us the go ahead we have been comfortable with using it.

She had no ill effects on the flight and never complained once when we took off or landed. I braced myself for the worst and nothing happened. I also gave her Tylenol before the flight per doctors recommendation.

Good luck and hope all goes well.



answers from Milwaukee on

we are flying in feb. and i plan on taking my son the doctor just to make sure that his ears are clear. i've read that if an ear ifection has slightly started and the child goes in an airplane you might as well plan on a bad vacation. so i would take him to the doctor just to make sure everything is fine and maybe your doctor can suggest something for your son.



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If he's still congested when you fly, I'd give him a decongestant that'll make him fall asleep on the plane. It would make the trip more pleasant for everyone, and he would hopefully be feeling better and rested when you get there.



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If you have a chance, call your pediatrician for a decongestant. We are traveling in January and our pediatrician recommended one even if our son is not sick when we go. The change in pressure can be tough on their ears and if your son is sick already it may be a long flight. Good luck...



answers from Milwaukee on

I agree to give him a decongestant that will male him great. I would make sure to take him into the Dr. the day b4 you fly to have his ears checked. Ears are linked in with all of the sinus stuff and an ear infection while flying is very painful and can rupture the ear drums. Good luck and have a great trip!!!!

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