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Updated on November 21, 2010
D.F. asks from Bucyrus, KS
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My kids have so many stuffed animals! Anyone have any great ideas of how to store them? We have tried just in baskets, totes, but seem to not work the best. Thanks for helping.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will look at the beanbags. We have tried the hammock and it worked ok, but not the best. There were to many in the hammack.

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answers from Kansas City on

I saw this in a magazine (parents or parenting): they made a "zoo" out of some bookshelves or those wood storage cubes you can get at Target/Lowes, etc. They used elastic spaced about 2 inches apart and stretched from top to bottom of the shelf. It was attached with screws (make small hole in shelf, fold elastic over on itself a tiny bit, there was some kind of washer over the elastic). The 2 inches of space and elastic easily let you cram in lots of animals and they were held in place.

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answers from Sacramento on

I think IKEA has those nifty mesh hanging shelves you could try those. Also, hanging show organizers might work.

Having the herd culled might not hurt either. Have the kids choose some stuffed animals to give to other children who do not have any.

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answers from Orlando on has something that I thought was cute, it is like a bean bag chair that you fill with the animals when the kids are not playing with them, then it is a comfy chair for the child. The are in pink or blue mesh and I think you can have your childs name put on it. They are really cute if you have room for it.

We had a little hammock for our animals when we were little, but anytime we wanted to play wiht them my mom had to get them down because they go up high.



answers from St. Louis on

my son is the same way. I have been buying shelves to put on the wall of his room and bought cute bandanas and lay them on the shelf, then put the 2 or 3 animals on the shelf. I fold the bandana in a triangle shelf to hang a bit off the shelf. I am starting to make room doing this. Hope this helps!



answers from Kansas City on

I LOVE the zoo idea.
I save the plastic zipper bags that come with new blankets & pillows to store the stuffed animals in. We put some in bags in the attic, and then just pull down a zipper bag to exchange some from storage with the ones that have been out. I'm also a big believer in getting rid of ones that don't have any sentimental meaning or haven't been played with in a while.


answers from Kansas City on

Something I didn't think I was going to want that has worked out great is an old toy box/bench. We put all the little stuffed animals inside, and the big ones sit on top. I need to do some "skimming" myself. Love the "zoo" idea!


answers from Austin on

Toy hammock up close to the ceiling, Plastic chains with clips. Shelves up on the wall almost to the ceiling, a deep book shelf where only the animals sit.



answers from Washington DC on

I bought and assembled "THE ZOO" stuffed animal holder.
We painted it to match her room. I love it, but we still have too many so we are going to give some to the shelter. It needs attached as the 4' bear and 3' rabbit on top tip it over when a child pulls them off.
She still keeps her webkinz in a special box so she can get them quickly.



answers from Columbia on

We put a shelf around the top of my daughters room on all four walls. Put the stuffed animals she didn't play with up there so she could see them. My husband made a windowbox and she kept her favorites there and on her bed.



answers from Springfield on

I hung a chain from the ceiling and used curtain hooks on the back of the stuffed animals to hang them on the chain



answers from St. Louis on

I have one of those nets that hangs from the ceil for displaying special animals that my son doesn't play with everyday. I have a basket for things he does play with alot and use a large Space bag under the bed to store extras and rotate them every so often.



answers from Seattle on

I've always "skimmed" kiddo's toys (we come from a huge family and he soi-tan-ly doesn't lack for schtuff).

When he was little (under the age of 4) I did it without his knowing. Now, he helps me. Some are to be given away, some "stored" (old favorites but not beloved favorites), and some stay out.

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